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PagSeguro Payment Gateway Addon

PagSeguro Payment Gateway

PagSeguro is one of the most dominant electronic payment systems in the Brazilian market.

The biggest privilege of the PagSeguro e-commerce service is that it allows you to offer the users, in numerous different payment gateways, including foreign transactions through VISA, MasterCard, Hipercard, Aura, Diners, American Express, Link, PLENOCard and PersonalCard cards.

Apart from that, being the only financial technology provider, Pagseguro’s model covers all of the following five pillars in Brazil:

  • It covers multiple digital service solutions in Brazil.
  • It provides payments via POS (Point Of Sale) to merchants in person.
  • It provides free digital accounts to its merchants and consumers with so many different functionalities such as bill payments, top-up prepaid mobile phones, Uber, prepaid credit cards, along with many other digital banking services.
  • The issuer of prepaid, credit cards, and cash.
  • It is operated as a full acquirer.
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Last Updated:
May 05,2024
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