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10 Latest Yoga Trends to Learn in 2024

Latest Yoga Trends to Learn

Yoga is always popular, with more people teaching and practicing it all the time. As the practice gains traction around the world, the yoga market size continues to grow and is expected to reach $17.3 billion by 2025.

Another statement from the same stats report says that 74% of American yoga practitioners have been practicing for five years or less, which implies many people are staying dedicated to the activity, searching for more trends and challenges.

So what yoga trends are having a moment? What can be a new discovery for you if you are looking for a new challenge as a student, yoga teacher, or even a yoga studio looking to expand your reach?

Let’s see if you are ready to tap into the hottest yoga trends!

1. Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

From a classic term to a growing trend, yoga retreats are needed more and more. In a park or by the water – yoga lessons become more and more valuable when performed away from dusty apartments, offices, and other boring surroundings.

Yoga studios can offer a variety of outdoor yoga classes, such as walking meditation or beach yoga.

People seeking to increase awareness and peace in the present moment tend to choose outdoor yoga activities and the entire yoga retreats more often. Especially after all the pandemic restrictions were lifted, people need to escape in serene or natural settings even more often.

And the tendency is not just about the mentality of escaping. Some types of yoga poses, including popular ones, such as Sun Salutation or Triangle are said to be more beneficial when practiced outdoors, which means seasoned yogis are more likely to stick to them.

2. Standup Paddle Board Yoga (SUP)

Standup Paddle Board Yoga (SUP)

Taking yoga practice to the water is another trend, which is especially popular among people who are already used to being involved in water activities in summer.

The yoga puddle trend is considered a fun and stylish way to practice yoga outdoors; there are numerous devices on the market that allow you to easily transport an SUP with offset handles and a special system that allows people to focus on the practice without worrying about losing anything.

Since this summer yoga trend involves core-challenging yoga poses, it’s interesting for people seeking challenges. Moreover, this yoga trend also allows you to practice with friends or a pet, which might seem an attractive aspect to many people.

3. Capsule Yoga Classes

Capsule Yoga Classes

While some yogis are looking for long retreats, others are too busy with their everyday schedules yet searching for more peace yoga can provide. In this case, short yoga sessions can be a great workaround for many people who just need a short but meaningful break.

Learn more on how to schedule yoga appointments on your own website.

4. Yoga with Indigenous Teachers

Yoga with Indigenous Teachers

There is a growing number of indigenous yoga teachers who are aiming to bridge yoga and native traditions, additionally bringing the benefits of both to Indigenous communities. Indigenous yoga teachers practice yoga to heal physical and mental health issues that disproportionately affect their communities.

They use yoga to heal from difficult experiences, connect with the breath and heartbeat, and find the “beautiful circle of life.”

5. Yoga Challenges

Yoga Challenges

Motivation is a big thing for yoga practitioners. Yoga challenges are made to unite and motivate people to set themselves new bars and achieve them, at the same time having fun by sharing their achievements with like-minded people.

Yoga challenges are usually a social media trend where participants post daily photos or videos of their yoga practice, and usually, it lasts during some limited period of time.

6. Blended Yoga

Blended Yoga

The blended yoga trend combines healthy activities like yoga, CrossFit, pilates, and any other of your choice. The primary goal is to serve people who need yoga as a workout and are open to various challenges.

The bended fitness trend is often seen as an exciting way to have fun, exercise, and improve one’s overall health and wellness.

7. Live Streaming Yoga Classes

Live Streaming Yoga Classes

Live-streaming yoga is another convenient and affordable way to practice yoga for busy people. It enables students to take yoga classes with a live teacher without leaving their house or workplace. 

And the number of platforms that can provide such classes is also growing, we can name Ompractice as one of the most popular and visited websites. It is a leading live-streaming yoga platform that offers many benefits over traditional brick-and-mortar yoga studios, such as live instructors, and, of course, no need to commute.

8. Yoga Festivals

Yoga Festivals

There is no activity fulfillment without a community. Various yoga activities bring people together to get united in spirit, but various yoga events bring together the yoga community, featuring classes, workshops, and activities, such as sharing books or experiences.

People are searching for yoga festivals and even small local communities are trying to organize them to attract more people.

9. Yoga with Pets

Yoga with Pets

Although being a controversial trend, puppy yoga is popularized by influencers and is becoming more popular among regular yoga enthusiasts. In such classes, puppies wander around and sometimes join in on the yoga poses.

If you feel like it’s your thing but you don’t want puppies to be involved, you might even want to try yoga with a goat or cats.

10. Drop-in Meditation Studios

Drop-in Meditation Studios

Such studios are made to be easy to get to and fit into for people without a prior appointment or commitment.

Or more precisely, for anyone, whether they want to meditate regularly or just pop in when they have time, so such studios are introducing more flexibility into the lives of practitioners as well as teachers.

Regardless of your reasons to take up yoga lessons, whether it’s just a physical practice or a spiritual experience too, no doubt it helps promote restful sleep and holistic wellness, so it’s only natural to learn the yoga trends.

Let’s sum up yoga trends into 3 broad categories:

  1. Retreats and outdoor yoga lessons are on the rise: wellness tourism is booming, as more people turn to yoga and meditation retreats to relax.
  2. Yoga enthusiasts who can’t afford retreats or more holistic classes enthusiastically join live-streaming classes.
  3. There are device-based yoga trends, such as with a paddle board; hybrid workarounds, and yoga festivals that boost the feeling of community.

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