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How to Choose Yoga Business Name + (5 Bonus Unique Names)

yoga business name

Naming a yoga business?

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of naming your yoga business and provide you with some actionable tips (with 25+ examples!) to help you come up with creative and memorable names. 

And as a special bonus, we’ve even included five exclusive yoga business name ideas that we’ve come up with just for you – use them to get inspired or even for your business for free right away.

So, get ready to be inspired and take your yoga business to the next level with a perfect name that truly represents your vision and values.

Let’s dive in!

Key features of a good yoga business name

1. Creative and meaningful

Do you want to convey a modern or vintage vibe for your yoga studio? Or perhaps you want to incorporate the location into the name for an added touch of local flair? Do that!

Remember, when choosing a name for your yoga business, it’s important to aim for something both creative and meaningful.

This maximizes your chances of making a lasting impression on potential customers and helps them connect with your brand on a deeper level.

2. Maximum appropriate to your business aspect 

When you’re creating a name for your yoga business, it’s important to consider the focus of your studio.

Are you emphasizing yoga as a spiritual practice, as a fitness routine, or a bit of both? The name you choose should align with the message and purpose you want to convey to your customers.

We are sure this will help you attract the right clientele and differentiate your studio from competitors in the market.

3. Memorable & simple to pronounce

This will help your customers recall your studio’s name and refer it to others with ease, which can be a valuable form of word-of-mouth marketing.

It might sound like a hard task to make up something creative, meaningful, and memorable at the same time, but you should remember that a name combining all these things is the most effective at the end of the day.

Best practices for naming a yoga business + examples of the best names

It’s still okay to use ‘yoga’ in the name

If you’re worried that using the word ‘yoga’ in your studio name is too generic, we’re here to tell you that it’s still okay to use it. With the right combination of words, you can create a unique and memorable name that includes ‘yoga’ and attracts the right clientele.

In fact, incorporating ‘yoga’ into your name can be a great way to signal to potential customers that your studio is a place dedicated to the practice of yoga. It’s especially helpful when you are just starting out.


  • YogaVenue
  • Summertown Yoga
  • Oxford School of Yoga

Use keywords that most align with your idea or yoga type

Stay true to your brand identity and focus on the type of yoga you specialize in. Whether or not you decide to include the word ‘yoga’ in your studio name, it’s crucial to ensure that your name accurately reflects the essence of your business.


  • BeachFit Baltimore
  • Sanctuary Bodyworks
  • Jivana Yoga Studio

Use words of a place, property or area

It’s a common practice to use property type, location or some sort of associated terms in the names of yoga studios.


  • Movement Lab
  • The Baltimore Yoga Village
  • Charm City Yoga

Make it easily brandable

It’s not just about how the business name sounds – you also want to make sure it’s easily brandable.

Consider how it will look on your website, signboard, T-shirt, social media, and other materials. Will it be memorable and recognizable? Will it catch people’s attention and draw them in? Remember, your brand is more than just a name – it’s an entire experience that you want to create for your customers and the visual part is also crucial.

Actionable tips for picking the best yoga business names

So let’s now get down to the challenging task of actually naming your yoga studio business!

1. Change spelling

If you’ve chosen the keywords you really like, but the name is already taken, don’t worry, play with the spelling in various ways.


  • Yogaworx (Worx instead of works)
  • WellSpace Yoga (well instead of wellness)

2. Combine names

Combine words that you like into a single word or use parts of a word.


  • Yogahaven
  • Yogacise (yoga+exercise)
  • YogaPulse (yoga+impulse)

3. Keep it short

Short names are always cool. If you manage to incorporate all the ideas you need into a short name, it’s a win-win.


  • Om Yoga
  • Kula
  • Prana
  • Bliss

4. Use parts of the word ‘yoga’

The most common usage is using only ‘yo’, which allows you to create word puns and unleash your creativity in multiple ways. 


  • Yotopia
  • YoBalance
  • Yo-MU Yoga

5. Use repeating sounds

Repeating sounds are capable of creating names that are easy to remember.


  • YogaYaya
  • YogaFoga

6. Use business name generators

When it comes to generating ideas and names for your business, there are two options: automatic and human-curated.

While automatic generators can be helpful and quick, they often fall short when it comes to truly unique and creative ideas. That’s why many serious businesses choose to entrust the task of naming their business to human creatives.

Here are a few helpful resources for both categories:

  1. Namelix is an AI for generating names.
  2. CrowdSpring is a platform where you can pitch your keywords and story to get yoga business name ideas from human creatives.
  3. Business name generator by Shopify is also an AI that can pull ideas based on the queries you specify.

Bonus: free yoga business names we hand-crafted for readers of this article

Together with creatives at BookingPress, we’ve made up exclusive names for a yoga business you can take away for free.

There are no registered domain names for our ideas (and the cost is very affordable for the domains that are currently free), so feel free to use them without restrictions.

Note: These names are free at the time of writing this, so the faster you choose them, the less chance it’ll be taken by other readers of this article.

  1. Sermoni Yoga: Combining “sermon” and “yoga”, this name creates a unique, spiritual name for a yoga business as a ‘lesson’ or ‘message’ of yoga.
  1. Tantra Yo: “Yo” in this name can be interpreted as simply short for yoga, or even sound as a slang that can be interpreted as a playful and modern take on traditional Tantra yoga.
  1. GuruSpirit Yoga: For this name, we blended “guru” and “spirit” to create a name that suggests the guidance of a teacher or mentor in achieving a deeper spiritual connection through yoga.
  1. Peer Union Yoga: This name uses “peer” and “union” to emphasize the importance of community and connection in a yoga practice. And we think it sounds big.
  1. FreeMarga Studio: Here we use “free” and “marga” to suggest a yoga studio aspect that is dedicated to helping individuals find their own path (‘marga’) to personal growth and liberation through yoga.

Final remarks

Naming your yoga studio is a challenging yet exciting task that requires careful consideration of various factors.

By employing the right tactics and strategies, combined with creativity and a deep understanding of your niche and vibe, you can create a truly unique brand name for a yoga business that effectively communicates your message to potential customers. Good luck!

Brian is a WordPress expert with a decade of developing experience & technical-writing. He enjoys blogging, movies & hiking.