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Fitness Scheduling Software for WordPress: BookingPress Plugin to Enhance Direct Bookings

First-class fitness and gym booking software for your WordPress website. Native integration, unlimited bookings, unlimited trainers. Effective scheduling, online bookings, payment processing. Convenient scheduling for private fitness coaches, studios, and customers.
Fitness Scheduling Software
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BookingPress Works Great for Studios & Fitness Centers

Trusted by multiple fitness industries, BookingPress makes it easy to accept online bookings for everyone
  • Pilates and yoga sessions

  • Dance studios

  • Boxing and spinning training

  • Aquatic fitness

  • All types of fitness studios
    and sport centers

  • Online training and
    virtual meetings

  • Fitness consultation

Fitness and Gym Booking Software

What’s included?

BookingPress fitness scheduling software makes it simple for anyone to accept online appointments.

Streamline Your Fitness Journey with Easy Fitness Studio Booking!

40+ Premium add-ons & 20+ Payment gateways are completely free!!!

BookingPress for fitness & GYM

Support for all types of popular formats for your fitness studio

We help all types of gym, fitness, and dance studios get the most of their revenue models.
Face-to-face Sessions

Face-to-face Sessions

This is one of the basic functionalities, giving your clients an easy way to book a one-to-one fitness training.
Group Meetings

Group Meetings

Provide group fitness classes and allow customers to choose the number of people for the session.
Virtual Fitness Meetings

Virtual Fitness Meetings

Virtual yoga class? Online nutrition consultation? No problem! Allow clients to register for online classes as easily as for normal ones.

Streamline your fitness studio booking operations and achieve results

BookingPress gym and fitness booking system fit for various business verticals to achieve effective results.
Reduce No-shows

Reduce No-shows

Allow clients to secure their session by paying online and reduce no-shows.

Improve Communication

Improve Communication

Don’t start your day with clearing the backlog of messages. Automate booking emails and reduce the time on communication with clients.
Simplify Customer Management

Simplify Customer Management

All the data on your customers and bookings is kept paperless in the booking plugin.
Build Trust

Build Trust

Build trust with customers by providing them with a convenient and secure way to book the next sports session with you.
Push More Deals

Push More Deals

Drive more engagement with coupons and deals that you can set up in BookingPress with no efforts.
Get Insights

Get Insights

Use the provided reporting and analytics tools created specifically for tracking your booking business performance.

Best Booking Plugin at best Price

Use BookingPress and its add-ons to grow your business

Standard Plan

Normally $99.00

$79 / year

Professional Plan

Normally $199.00

$129 / year

Enterprise Plan

Normally $999.00

$249 / year

What can you do with the BookingPress fitness class scheduling software?

Customize it your way: we give you a multitude of settings for Gym & fitness services, schedules, and coaches.
BookingPress fitness class scheduling software

Save hours of administration time for your Fitness WordPress Website & Business

Customize the Fitness Session Duration

Set any duration for individual services. These will be the exact timeslots you need to add. Every service can be priced differently. Add booking buffer times to allow for even more flexibility. You can even add service extras, which are suitable for the main ones and offer clients to book them too.

Build a Flexible Working Schedule

When your client comes to the website to book an appointment, their primary need is to see your available days and time. Set up and manage your team’s time with easy-to-use tools, from one screen. Add available and unavailable days, holidays, vacations and customize the schedule in different ways.

Account for Every Fitness Coach

If your studio or fitness center has many staff members, it’s going to be really helpful to allow everyone to track and manage their own availability and reservations. BookingPress gives you built-in tools to set up staff accounts.

Accept Online Payments via the Website

Allow clients to pay via PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout,, Mollie, Skrill, and many more ways on your site. We provide you with 20+ built-in payment gateways that are free to use. Enable the use of coupons on your site to win more loyal customers, impose taxes, accept deposit payments, and more!

Allow people to Book Multiple Appointments

It’s not so common with other WordPress scheduling software plugins, but we think it’s important to enable your clients to book more than one appointment at a time.

Customize Checkout Experiences

Feel free to collect any data from your customers at checkout by adding custom fields to the checkout page. Adapt the booking widget to your business needs in no time.

PDF invoices, Automated Follow-ups, WhatsApp Messages

BookingPress gives you the ability to automate all outbound notifications and follow-ups regarding bookings you receive via your website. Send PDF invoices to help clients feel secure about their bookings, automate messaging via the WhatsApp app, and use even more tools.

Support for Various Integrations

With BookingPress, you can easily use Mailchimp, Zapier, WhatsApp, Zoom, Outlook, and WooCommerce. No need to ask for any extra help from developers or tech studios.

Client & Booking Management

Add bookings by hand, view client details, send emails and do more operations with the bookings you receive through your website. You’ll love working with our really handy tools that require almost no learning curve.

Built-in Analytics Dashboard

Easily measure your performance, track the number of bookings, customers and revenue within a chosen period of time. Filter the bookings by the confirmed and canceled statuses to see if you are performing well.

How can customers book a session at your fitness studio website online?

Clients can compare prices and duration of the offered services right in the booking widget, see your availability in real time, choose the service, and pay online. Here is what the process normally looks for them.

Select the needed service.

dashed arrow

Select the coach.


Select the number of people for the session.

dashed arrow

Select the preferred time and date among available ones.

Optionally put the next session on the calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal, or Yahoo)

dashed arrow

Get an email with confirmed data.


Pay online.

dashed arrow

Submit personal details.


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