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20 Best Tech Blogs to Follow in 2024

Best Tech Blogs to Follow

Are you curious about the future of AI writing laws for us or looking to learn the fundamentals of design? Maybe you’re interested in reading a long article on how to animate a CSS grid.

Whatever your interests, a reliable tech blog is the only thing you need. To assist you in this task, we’ve curated a list of the best websites and platforms to help you study, solve problems, or simply enjoy yourself.

So, let’s explore our list of the top tech blogs to follow in 2024 for in-depth information, valuable tips and tricks, and useful resources.

List of 20 Tech Blogs Platforms


TechCrunch Website

Over the years, TechCrunch has established itself as a prominent source of news related to the technology industry. As a digital-focused high-profile research project, this tech blog is worth following for any tech enthusiast.

WPNext Website

The WPNext blog is your go-to source for all things WordPress. With a focus on providing valuable tips and resources, from fixing image upload issues to reviewing popular themes, WPNext is dedicated to keeping you in the know. Subscribing to WPNext’s email updates is easy, allowing you to stay up-to-date on the latest WordPress tips and reviews that will help you streamline your WordPress journey.

Rextheme Blog

Rextheme Blog

Rextheme is the premier destination for high-quality blogs focused on WordPress, WooCommerce, and Virtual Reality (VR). RexTheme is dedicated to providing enthusiasts, developers, and businesses alike with cutting-edge insights, tips, and tutorials to elevate their online presence and digital experiences.

Whether individuals are delving into the intricacies of WordPress customization, navigating the dynamic world of WooCommerce e-commerce solutions, or exploring the immersive realms of VR technology, RexTheme’s curated collection of articles delivers valuable knowledge and inspiration. Join the community on a journey of discovery and innovation as RexTheme unravels the endless possibilities of the digital landscape.


SitePoint Website

Get ready to level up your development skills with SitePoint, a trusted blog for seasoned developers and designers. It breaks down things like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Design & UX, and other classics in a professional and approachable manner.

Envato Tuts

Envato Tuts Website

Envato Tuts serves as a valuable resource for tech courses, events, and tutorials. For instance, it can assist you with fundamental concepts such as design principles, as well as building an HTML email template from scratch and other related topics. The platform is designed to specifically support your learning and career growth.


WPMudev Website

This highly popular blog goes into more detail when it comes to design, CSS, hosting, etc., and primarily deals with WordPress. WPMudev shares advice on multiple topics, ranging from domain security to WordPress plugins and theme lists.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine Website

Smashing Magazine is a highly popular tech blog that caters to both geeks and newcomers. Its experts, with diverse backgrounds, provide tips on creating a secure development environment and a variety of topics, including building a WordPress theme from scratch without code or using AI technologies for design.

CSS Tricks

CSS-Tricks Website

On the CSS Tricks blog, you can discover original content that is focused on CSS and front-end development and provides practical, hands-on guidance to various site-building techniques. It offers multiple content formats, including text, video tutorials, and newsletters.


Wired Website

Wired captures the essence of a “world in constant transformation” by covering a wide range of topics including tech giant stories, product reviews, and Apple TV shows. The magazine blends business, culture, design, and science topics to create a comprehensive and diverse reading experience.

The Verge

The Verge Website

Established in 2011, The Verge covers technology in various forms, including breaking news and digital consumer behaviors. It is a leading tech blog that you can rely on to discover something new every day.


GeekWire Website

GeekWire is a website that specializes in technology news and covers a wide range of topics, including the internet of things and artificial intelligence. The company responsible for the blog also organizes numerous startup events and produces engaging video shows for its audience.


Kinsta Blog Website

Are you seeking solutions to optimize your website’s performance or troubleshoot something happening on your site? Or perhaps, you’re searching for a reliable, thorough review of WordPress plugins, themes, or hosting services? Kinsta has got you covered with their professionally crafted tutorials and guides. Not to mention, they are one of the most powerful cloud hosting providers.


Torque Website

Torque is a well-established source for news related to WordPress. It offers insights and updates from individuals with diverse backgrounds, covering various aspects such as development, business, and the WordPress community, among others. The blog also features numerous practical articles, including tips on optimizing blog images and the latest trends in blogging.


Codrops Website

With over a decade of experience, Codrops is a hub for web design and development enthusiasts. The website offers a plethora of design tutorials on topics such as animation, typography, and 3D effects, as well as comprehensive product roundups.

The Next Web

The Next Web Website

The Next Web covers an extensive range of topics, including technology, sustainability, development, security, the internet of things, and more. It’s also a great resource for finding startup and investor events.

Digital Trends Website

Digital Trends is a technology news website that not only covers breaking news but also offers a wide range of content on various topics. Whether you’re looking for tips on the Apple Watch or information on the latest computer games, this blog has something for everyone. In addition to technology-related content, Digital Trends also provides insights even into such topics as crime dramas.

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Groovy Post

Groovy Post Website

Groovy Post is a helpful blog that provides quick tips and tutorials for a broad range of audiences, including marketers and developers. Whether you’re seeking Excel tips or looking to manage your Instagram account more efficiently, this blog offers clutter-free, easy-to-follow guides to assist you.

MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review Website

Discover tech workshops, courses, and more with MIT Technology Review. The website provides a wealth of tutorials, ranging from biotechnology to exploring how AI can write laws.

BBC News Technology

BBC News Technology Website

The BBC is a name that resonates with a rich history, and their BBC Technology blog is no exception. Delving deep into the crux of emerging, sought-after technology trends, the blog offers a professional review that upholds the highest standards of BBC journalism.

How-to Geek

How-To Geek Website

The How-to Geek is a magazine about technology, in particular, it features tutorials for Windows and Linux. It also provides detailed product reviews of mobile phones, security keys, VPNs, and more. You’d want to refer to this tech blog when you need more info on how to upgrade your WI-FI router or consider buying a new Amazon Echo Dot.


VentureBeat Website

VentureBeat created back in 2006, is home to multiple articles on data infrastructure, software security, and statistical analysis, so if you are interested in the topic, be sure to bookmark the blog.

Now is the moment to discontinue your subscription to low-quality blogs and instead select a few trustworthy, best tech blogs in 2024 that you can consult on a regular basis.

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