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Happy Hours Pricing

Happy Hours Pricing
Happy Hours Pricing

Attract your Customers by setting a Dynamic Price for your service for Specific Weekdays/Dates.

Happy Hours will help you to configure the service with a Dynamic price between Specific Time duration on Weekdays or on Specific Dates.

Happy Hours can be configured for each Service differently.

You will be able to configure Multiple Happy Hours for every single service on Specific Dates.

It is better to provide the service at a user-friendly dynamic price rather than no bookings, for the hours of the day when the bookings are low such as in the afternoon.

Happy Hours can help to boost the profitability of your business by attracting more and more Customers to choose the services based on a specific duration with a Discounted Price and keeping your business stable.

Included with:
BookingPress Standard Plan
BookingPress Professional Plan
BookingPress Enterprise Plan
Last Updated:
April 24,2024
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