Award Winning Appointment Booking Plugin


Coupon Management with BookingPress

To use the Coupon, you will have to activate the integrated module “Coupon Management” from “BookingPress -> Coupon Management”.

Coupons Management gives the functionality to Manage discount coupons.

To add a coupon with the appointment booking, go to “BookingPress -> Coupons”.

coupon management

To add a new coupon, click on “Add New” button from the top right corner of the page.


On the Edit Coupon page, here you will be able to choose the “Coupon Period Type (time period)” validity, you can select the time validity from either “Date Range”, or you can select the “Unlimited” option for the coupon to be applied for a lifetime.

  • Coupon Code:

You can generate a random coupon code by clicking on the “Generate” button, or else you can also enter the text you want as your coupon code.

  • Discount & Discount Type:

In these fields, you will be able to keep the discount and will also be able to select whether to keep the Discount in amount (Fixed) or in Percentage.

  • Select Service:

From this section, select a service from the list of your services with which you want to allow the discount coupon.

  • No. of times uses allowed:

You can set the number of times, you want this coupon to be allowed by the clients.

Note: If you want to allow your clients to use the coupons for Unlimited Times, then simply leave the field as 0.

Advanced Discount

To use the advanced auto discount, please click here for the Advanced Discount Addon document.