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WhatsApp Notification

WhatsApp Notification with BookingPress

WhatsApp Notification Integration:

whatsapp notificaiton addon

BookingPress provides Twilio as the WhatsApp notification gateway through which any notification can be sent to the customer same as the Email notification via WhatsApp.

To integrate the WhatsApp Notification with the BookingPress, first, you will have to get and activate the WhatsApp Notification Addon from “BookingPress -> Addons”.

Select “Twilio” as the WhatsApp Gateway.

If you do not have a Twilio account, then create one from here.

You can find your “Account SID” and “Auth Token” from “Twilio -> Account”, under the “Keys & Credentials section, click on “API keys & Tokens” and you will find “Account SID” and “Auth Token” under the “Auth Tokens” section from this page.


How to Get and Add a Phone Number for sending notifications?

After signing up and creating an account, you may get your WhatsApp number for sending notifications by following the below steps:

From the left side panel, under the “Develop” section, navigate and click on “#Phone Number -> Manage -> Buy a number” and from here you can purchase the number according to your requirement.


After purchasing the phone number for sending messages, you can view and copy your active numbers from “#Phone Number -> Manage -> Active numbers”.


After the addon is active, you will find the “Whatsapp Settings” section from “BookingPress -> Settings -> Notifications”. 

  • From here, select Twilio as WhatsApp Gateway and enter the credentials in WhatsApp Settings.
  • Enter the Phone Number through which the WhatsApp notification will be sent to the clients.

After all the settings are set, click on save and your WhatApp Settings are ready to send Notifications.

Note: When your Twilio account is in trial mode then please follow the below steps to test WhatsApp notifications with Twilio Sandbox:

1. Click on the ‘Develop’ tab from the left sidebar
2. Click on the ‘Explore Products’ link
3. Click on “Messaging”
4. Open the ‘Try it out’ option from the left sidebar and click on ‘Send a WhatsApp message’.
5. Now, Twilio will guide you to enable sandbox for WhatsApp messages.
6. While enabling the ‘Twilio’ Sandbox for WhatsApp messages, in the second step you’ll get the ‘From’ number that you need to use in the BookingPress WhatsApp notifications settings.