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What if you don’t have an active BookingPress license?

1. No Customer Support:

If there is no License available for the BookingPress plugin and you face any issues, then you won’t be able to contact the BookingPress technical support staff, as to contact technical support staff, you will need to open a support ticket, and for that, you will need to have a purchase code.

In short, if there is no license available, you won’t receive official support for any present or future inquiries or issues with the plugin.

2. No updates:

If there is no license, then there will be no updates available for the BookingPress plugin. As the updates will only be roll-out for the users who do have a valid license, they will be able to update the plugin directly from BookingPress -> Plugins page.

If there is no valid and active license, then there are no updates, which will lead to a lack of features, as new features will also be rolled out with the new updates from time to time to make the BookingPress more compatible and user-friendly.

3. Version Compatibilities:

With day-to-day updates of WordPress, BookingPress does update its compatibility to work along with WordPress by updating and following the WordPress standards as a result. Same way BookingPress also gets tested and updates with each new version of the PHP, so that there are no interruptions while working with the plugin.

4. Security Risks:

Installing the plugin from 3rd Party website without official license accessibility may lead to security risks to your website as the code may non-official plugin’s code may contain malicious code that can spread and make your site vulnerable to getting hacked, leakage of personal or sensitive data such as email address of the customers, login credentials, etc…

5. Plugin Conflicts:

BookingPress always follows WordPress standards to make it more and more user-friendly by making it work with every plugin that follows the same. So, if you don’t have a BookingPress licensed copy, then it might lead to conflict with other plugins that are available at

6. Addons Usage:

BookingPress provides 33+ premium add-ons totally free with the BookingPress Premium version of the plugin. These add-ons can only be accessed and installed by logging in to your BookingPress account from the official BookingPress website. So, if you will not have the BookingPress license, then you will not be able to download the premium addon for free and hence you will not be able to use the additional addon to make your website more reliable to use.

So to avoid the hurdles and get a smooth experience, you can purchase your BookingPress premium license from HERE.