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Google ReCaptcha Addon

Google ReCaptcha Integration with BookingPress

Google ReCaptcha Integration:

Google ReCaptcha Integration

Activate Google ReCaptcha Integration Addon from BookingPress -> Addons page.

BookingPress provides google recaptcha addon to protect your site from spam and abuse with Appointment forms.

To configure the plugin, go to BookingPress -> General Settings -> Integrations -> Google Captcha.

You can add Google reCaptcha Site Key, Secret Key, reCAPTCHA Language, and reCAPTCHA Failed Message.

Google reCaptcha Integration

If you don’t have a Google ReCaptcha Site Key, then you can create a free ReCaptcha Site key from here.

After the configuration is completed, users will be able to use reCaptcha on the appointment booking form in the “Summary” section.