Holidays Settings

Holiday Settings

You can set the days off (holidays) the year when you’re on holiday. The holidays can be recurring.

When you click on any date on which you want to set a holiday, a popover will be opened. Add the holiday by entering the Holiday’s Name, and if you want that holiday to repeat every Year, then just select the checkbox “Repeat Every Year”.

Once you have done the settings, click on the “Save” button and it will be set as a holiday (Red in color if it is set to repeat yearly and Orange if it is once-off).

If you want to edit holidays, click on existing holidays and it will open a popover with the details. You can also update the details and later on save it accordingly.

If you want to delete an existing holiday, click on the existing holiday and it will open a popover with the “Delete” button. When you click on the “Delete” button, it will ask for confirmation. When you confirm the deletion, it will delete the holiday from the calendar.

Holidays Settings