Award Winning Appointment Booking Plugin

Staff Member Settings

You can find “Staff Members Settings” from “BookingPress -> General Settings”.

When the “Staff Members Settings” are enabled, staff members will get permissions according to the permissions given by the admin.

Staff Member Settings

Admin Panel Access

To allow the Staff Member to access the admin panel, enable the switch for Allow Staff Member to Access wordpress admin panel.

Further, Staff Member’s Settings are divided into 4 Parts:


Admin can give the permissions to the staff members like Manage Appointments, Delete Appointments, and Export Appointments.


Admin can give permission to the staff members by allowing the options like View Payments, Edit Payments, Delete Payments, Refund Payment, and Export Payments.


Admin can also give permission to the staff members allowing the options like, View Customers, Manage Customers, Delete Customers, and Export Customers.


Under the profile, if given permission to the staff members, then staff members will be able to manage the holidays, and also be able to manage the special days. If given permission, then Staff Members will also be able to Mange their Working Hours and after that, the Timeslots will be displayed accordingly. All these permissions will be given to the Staff Members by the Admin and if the staff members can manage and edit all the settings from their account.

Rename Staff Member Module:

This setting from “Staff Members Settings” is used to change the Staff Member label. Suppose there is a website regarding the Doctor’s Appointment, and the admin wants to change the label “Staff Member” {Singular} or “Staff Members” {Plural} to “Doctor” {Singular} or “Doctors” {Plural}, then the admin can rename the label for the staff members respectively in singular and plural both. And accordingly, if there will be a single staff member, then it will show “Doctor” everywhere and if there is more than one staff member, then it will show “Doctors” everywhere.