TemplateMonster Award 2022

Staff Member Dashboard

The Staff Member’s Dashboard will be accessed only by the Staff Member.


From the Dashboard, staff members will be able to view the “Total Number Of Appointments, Number Of Appointments Approved, and the Number Of Appointments Pending.”  

After that, they will be able to view the Technical Analysis of Appointments, Revenue, and Customers in the form of Graphs.

They will also be able to view the Upcoming Appointments of the Service they are assigned, along with the service name, status, date, etc…


From here, Staff Members can filter search by service using the Dropdown. They will also be able to search the customer with the bookings by entering the Customer’s name, they will be able to filter the appointment status with the help of the dropdown.

Apart from that, staff members can also be able to view the bookings via Calendar (whether in Month, Week, or on Daily basis).


From here, staff members can filter the Appointments between date ranges, by searching the customer, selecting the service from the dropdown, or by the Status of the appointments.

If the admin has given the permissions to the staff members to Manage the Appointments, then can also be able to manage and delete the appointments.



From this section, staff members will be able to view their working hours in a week, holidays given to them, or if there are any upcoming special days.

Apart from this all, staff members will be able to edit their profile from “My Profile” where the staff member can change their name, phone number, email, etc….

They can view all of the services they are being assigned from the “My Services” section.