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Square Payment Gateway Addon

Square Payment Gateway of BookingPress

To get and Activate Square Payment Gateway, please follow the below steps.

  • First, login to the BookingPress Website, and you will be redirected to the My Account page.
  • Now, click on the “Access Passes” link from the left menu panel.
  • After going to the Access Passes, click on the “View your downloads” button.
  • From the list, please look for the “Square” add-on, click on the download button, and it will automatically start downloading the addon. After the download is finished, upload the downloaded zip file to WordPress just link any other WordPress Plugin, then install and activate the addon to use it.
Square Payment Gateway Integration

Please note you need to create a square gateway account in order to start using it on your BookingPress Appointment Booking website.

Square Payment Gateway Addon

Square Integration:

If you do not have a Square account then create an account.

For Sandbox/Production account click here.

  • Where can I get an Application ID & Access Token?
  • To obtain an Application ID of Square, follow below steps:
  • Login to your account
  • Create a new app in your account.
  • Click on the open button at apps and Select your payment mode ‘Sandbox’ or ‘Production’.
  • After selecting payment mode, you can see your Application ID, Access Token & Location ID.
  • Now, go to BookingPress -> Settings -> Payments and enable the switch of the Square to enable the payment gateway.

Insert the “Application ID”, and “Access Token” credentials in the specific textboxes. After that, click on the save button and you are good to go.

Square Payment Gateway Addon Intigration

Square payment gateway supports ‘AUD’, ‘BRL’, ‘CAD’, ‘CZK’, ‘DKK’, ‘EUR’, ‘HKD’, ‘HUF’, ‘ILS’, ‘JPY’, ‘MYR’, ‘MXN’, ‘TWD’, ‘NZD’, ‘NOK’, ‘PHP’, ‘PLN’, ‘GBP’, ‘RUB’, ‘SGD’, ‘SEK’, ‘CHF’, ‘THB’, ‘USD’, ‘TRY’, ‘INR’ Currency.

Note: Enter different and valid Credentials for both “Sandbox and Live”.