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List Appointment:

On this page, you will be able to see all the necessary information about scheduled appointments. To set the number of records to be displayed on the page, select the required number in the “Default items per page” in the General Settings. With the search bar, you can filter appointments by customer’s name, or service’s name.

You can also filter appointments by setting the date range you require, selecting customer name and service name from the dropdown available at the top of the page. You can also filter the appointments by selecting the Staff Members. You can also filter the appointments based on the status.

You can change the individual appointments’ status by selecting the appropriate status from the dropdown displayed for each appointment.

You can also view the details about the Appointment by just clicking on the specific appointment.

list appointments

Add Appointment :

To schedule a new appointment from the back-end, click on the “Add New” button from the top right corner of the page and it will open a modal with all the necessary details for the appointment. Please select “Customer” from the dropdown for which you want to book an appointment and then select the “Service” for the appointment, from here you can also select an extra service (if any).

After selecting the service, the “Appointment Date” and “Appointment Time” dropdown will be filled with appropriate details. Now it’s time to select the available date and time to schedule a new appointment. You can select the relevant status for the appointment and put some notes if you want to add them.

If a module, “Bring Guest With You” is active, then you can also add the number of members that will come together at the time of the appointment.

After filling in details, if you want to send a notification to a customer about newly scheduled appointments, you can check the checkbox “Send Notifications” and then hit the “Save” button.

Please be sure that you have enabled the email notifications from the BookingPress -> Notifications page. If those are disabled from there, the system will not send any notifications even if you check the checkbox “Send Notifications” from the add appointment modal.

In this page, you can also view the payment details calculated based on the services with extra services(if any) and number of members(coming with the customer) selected. If you have set any additional tax, then it will also be calculated in the payment. If you are having any coupon, then you can also apply the coupon from here. 

You can also mark the payment details by checking the checkbox “Mark as paid”.

add appointments

Edit Appointment:

Sometimes it happens that you need to make changes to an existing appointment. Maybe the customer needs to reschedule his appointment or you want to make any edits according to your schedule.

To edit an existing appointment, just hover over any individual appointment’s row and it will display an action bar that has an “Edit” icon. Click on that icon and it will open a page with all details of that appointment.

In the “Edit Appointment” dialog you have options to reschedule the appointment, change appointment booking status, change the service, etc.

If you change the date, you may see that the selected time slot is not available. If this occurs, simply select a different time slot and set the “Send Notifications” checkbox checked. It will notify the customers about the changes in the appointments.

So, once you are done with all the changes, hit the “Save” button to update the details.

edit appointments

Delete Appointment:

To delete a specific appointment, hover over that appointment and it will open an action bar that has a “Delete” icon. Click on that icon and it will ask for the confirmation to delete. Click on the “Delete” button from the confirmation box and it will delete that appointment right away.

delete appointment

You can delete multiple appointments by checking the appointments you want to delete. The dialog box with the options will display at the footer when you check at least one appointment which you want to delete.

Once you are sure you want to delete the appointments, hit the “Go” button and it will delete the selected appointments.

delete appointment bulk


You can also be able to export all the data of the appointment by clicking on the Export button from the top right corner.