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Admin Calendar View

BookingPress Calendar View

The Calendar page is a user-friendly scheduler, it shows a calendar with all the scheduled appointments in a calendar view.

Other than that you can quickly find and manage all the data by filtering Services, Customers, and Appointment Status.

There are three available calendar views:

  • Month
  • Week
  • Day

Month is the default calendar view. It helps to quickly know all of the appointment details in a tabular form.

You can view the appointments with the colored Dash within the appointment block. If the color is “Green” then the appointment is approved, if the color is “Yellow”, then the appointment is pending, and if the color is “Red”, then the appointment is rejected.

If you click on any of the appointments from the table, then that appointment will open in an “Edit Appointment” section.

You can navigate through clicking on the arrows in the top left corner of the calendar. By clicking on arrows, you can move one step forward or back (by a month or week whichever option is selected from the calendar view).