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General Settings Available in BookingPress

Default Service Duration

This setting is used to determine the default time slot for services in which customers can book appointments.

For example, if you select 15 minutes for the time slot step, the new services you are going to add, it will have 15 minutes default for service duration.

Default Appointment Status

This setting is used to set the default status for newly booked appointments. IF you set “Pending” as the default status, you need to manually approve appointments booked by the customers.

Default Phone Country Code

This setting will allow you to select a specific country code for the phone number field for the front-end booking wizard.

Default items per page

This setting allows you to select the number of items you want to see on all the listing pages like Appointments, Customers, Payments, etc.

Share timeslot between all services

This setting allows you to to share timeslots between all services. That means, if you want that if your customer books an appointment for Service A and that same timeslot can’t be booked for any other services, than you can turn ON this switch and all the timeslots will be shared among your all services.

Load JS & CSS in all pages

This setting will be used to load all JS & CSS files of BookingPress plugin to frontend in all the pages. This setting will be used when the theme is loading data from Ajax OR for some reasons, CSS & JS files not loaded from theme. In short, if you find that BookingPress frontened output is not loaded properly, this option is useful for you.bookingpress general settings

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