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Work Hours Settings Available in BookingPress

Here you can set general working hours and break hours day-wise.

You can set the start time and end time of working hours from Monday to Sunday. On the day you are not working, just set it OFF.

For the break hours, you can set multiple breaks having a start time and end time. To Add break, click on the ‘Add Break’ button beside each day. It will open a popover with start time and end time. Once you can set the timings, hit the “Save” button. You will be able to see added breaks under the specific day.

To edit the break hours, click on the break timings and it will open the popover with details filled in. Update the timings according to your requirement and click on the “Save” button.

To delete the break hours, just click on the X icon near break timings and it will ask for confirmation. Click on the Delete button to delete the break hours.work hours settings bookingpress

Please do not forget to click on the main “Save” button to save all the changes you have made.

Please take note that break timings will be deducted from the time slot at the front-end booking form.

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