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Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking with BookingPress

Step – 1:

First, activate the conversion tracking addon navigating BookingPress > Add-ons > Conversion Tracking.

conversion tracking addon BookingPress

Step – 2:

After activating the add-on, go to BookingPress > Settings > Integrations > Conversion Tracking.

Conversion Tracking

Step – 3:

Now feed your Google Analytics ID and API Secret in the given text fields as shown in the above screenshot.

Haven’t obtained the Google Analytics ID yet? No worries, follow this step-by-step guide:

How to Create GA-4 Account & Obtain Google Analytics ID?

Step – 1:

First, navigate to Google Analytics website and click on the “Start Measuring” button.

Google Analytics Homepage

Step – 2:

Now provide the account name in the given text field and click on the “Next” button.

Create an Account

Step – 3:

Now, provide the relevant property name, select your timezone, currency, etc.

Create Property

Step – 4:

At this step, you need to feed your business details like industry category and business size. Then click on the “Next” button.

Business Description

Step – 5:

Now choose the necessary business objectives for what you need to create Google Analytics and then click on the “Create” button.

Business Objectives

Step – 6:

Now you will show a popup window showing Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement. Choose your country from the drop-down list and click on the “I Accept” button.

Terms of Service Agreement

Step – 7:

As you have just set up your Google Analytics account, it will ask you to create a data stream. For that, you need to provide your website URL and Stream Name and click on the “Create Stream” button.

Data Stream

Immediately, it will show you the comprehensive details about your data stream including its measurement ID, Stream ID, Stream Name, Stream URL, etc. 

How to Create an API Secret in Google Analytics? [Step-By-Step Guide]

1. Go to the Google Analytics

2. Click on the “Admin” button

3. Select “Data Stream” under property column

4. Select your relevant data stream

5. Click on “Measurement Protocol API secrets” option 

6. Click on the “Create” button

7. Copy the API secret generated by Google Analytics and paste that under BookingPress > Settings > Integrations > Conversion Tracking > API Secret.

Events That You Can Track Through BookingPress Conversion Tracking Addon

Conversion tracking addon of BookingPress plugin allows you to track seven e-commerce events such as:

– BookingPress Form Load

– View Item

– Add to Cart

– Remove From Cart

– Begin Checkout

– Refund

– Purchase

Conversion Tracking Reports in Google Analytics

Purchase Statistics Tracking Report

Google Analytics > Reports > Monetization > Ecommerce Purchases

Booked Services Names Tracking Report:

Google Analytics > Reports > Monetization > Ecommerce purchases > Find items by the names or item category

Purchase Journey Tracking Report

Google Analytics > Reports > Monetization > User Purchase Journey

Item wise Revenue Report

Google Analytics > Reports > Monetization > Ecommerce purchases > Item revenue

So, now you are all set to have real-time data of visits, conversions, purchase journey, revenue report, and much more. 

Note: Event data will take around 24 hours to appear on your Google Analytics.

Ecommerce Purchase Dashboard