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Paddle Payment Gateway Addon

paddle payment gateway
Paddle Payment Gateway

The paddle payment gateway is a full-stack payment platform that makes it easy to accept payments on your Booking website for booking an appointment.

You need to obtain your Paddle Vendor Id, Public Key, and Authentication Key credentials to use the Paddle payment gateway with BookingPress.

The paddle payment gateway is available for merchants in the United States, India, France, China, and 74 other countries.

Vendors can use the Paddle payment gateway to accept payments via Paypal, Venmo, and Credit and Debit Cards like Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Diner’s Club.

Paddle provides a sophisticated fraud protection experience to all vendors for receiving payments in a very secure way.

Customers can simply make a payment for booking an appointment via the Paddle payment gateway popup.

Included with:
BookingPress Standard Plan
BookingPress Professional Plan
BookingPress Enterprise Plan
Last Updated:
Dec 08, 2023
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