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Doctor Booking WordPress Plugin: Automate Scheduling for Dentists, Doctors & Clinics

The smart appointment scheduling is critical for clinics to operate properly, reduce no-shows, and build trustful relationships with patients.
The BookingPress WordPress plugin allows doctors, dentals, and clinics to receive and manage appointments with ease by adding a powerful booking widget to their website. Make all appointment scheduling automatic, accept online payments, and allow practitioners to control their own bookings and clients.
Doctor appointment scheduling software

Types of bookings supported

Individual Bookings

The most expected type of appointment with a doctor, one-to-one, is fully supported. A patient just needs to choose the type of appointment when making a booking.

Group Bookings

If your health institution provides any type of appointment for groups, it won’t be a problem to set it up via the plugin settings.

Online Bookings

Online reservations done via the website are fully supported with or without a payment.

Manually Added Bookings

If you want to accept bookings by your administration staff first, it’s also easy to do with manually added reservations via the plugin’s menu.
online doctor appointment booking system

Healthcare appointment scheduling that suits any business & establishment

Whatever medical institution you operate, we’re sure you’ll find BookingPress a perfect solution for your business. Our booking WordPress plugin will work for:

Effortless Dental & Clinics Booking Experience

45+ Premium add-ons & 20+ Payment gateways are completely free!!!
BookingPress for Doctor Appointment
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What are the benefits of the automatic booking scheduling for your clinic?

Get unlimited appointments without extra payments for each, integrate the dream level of automation, save your business time and money.

Easier appointment automation

Better appointment gaps filling

Save time for doctors, administrative, and patients

Encourage fast decision-making in customers

Provide quick and secure payments via your independent WordPress website

Easier analysis of your performance with the stats tools

Reduce all operational costs for the manpower and medical-specific software

Best Booking Plugin at best Price

Use BookingPress and its add-ons to grow your business

Standard Plan

Normally $99.00

$79 / year

Professional Plan

Normally $199.00

$129 / year

Enterprise Plan

Normally $699.00

$249 / year

The main instruments & features of the BookingPress medical scheduling software for WordPress

How would your normal day look like if you had the BookingPress plugin at hand? What operations can you set on autopilot for your administrators and doctors? Bring some technological advances to your website and see what you can achieve!

Doctor Booking Management

Allow making doctor and dentist appointments online

Make a timely investment in automation by allowing your clients to perform a super quick appointment booking on your website. In addition to the key services, you can allow clients to book the related ones, too.

Oversee upcoming appointments and cancellations

Get the full upcoming bookings overview in the full-scale panel for controlling bookings, payments and clients

Enjoy uniform calendar synchronization

Clients can quickly and easily add and sync appointment reservations made on your website with external tools, such as Google, Outlook, iCal, or Yahoo.

Schedule Appointment for clinic

Schedule & Doctor Accounts

Automation in schedule management

The process of scheduling clinic appointments on WordPress is automated from the ground up, so your staff and patients can at any moment check available and unavailable appointment timeslots in real time.

Variable scheduling needs for the staff

Optimize workflow with your clinic appointment system by editing the working schedules of your staff, including days off and holiday periods.

Provide health center staff with separate accounts

All your doctors can optionally manage their own accounts if you choose to create ones for them. It’s a matter of a few clicks to preview their upcoming bookings and client details in easy-to-understand accounts.

Pricing & Taxing

Add tax charges to your services

Add tax charges to your services

Set different prices for your healthcare services and opt for including taxes for each, thus get all the required billing flexibility for your services
Allow deposit payments & coupons

Allow deposit payments & coupons

You can ask clients to pay just a deposit instead of the full service cost. This might be a win-win online payment strategy for your medical website because some clients don’t want to give all the money upfront.
PDF invoices, billing & notifications

PDF invoices, billing & notifications

Loads of processes that take place right after the booking are also automated thanks to BookingPress: send PDF invoices to customers, set up various types of booking notifications, emails as well as always have access to the data via the plugin.

Customizable Booking Experiences

Do the needed booking widget adjustments

The default configuration of BookingPress and its online booking widget provides your patients with an intuitive, recognizable interface that makes it easy to make a booking. But feel free to edit it even more with custom color choice, layout, font and other things.

Edit booking checkout experiences

Like almost no other WordPress booking plugin alternatives for clinics, we give you tools to shape the checkout experiences to your needs by adding extra fields and collecting any extra information from your patients.

Easily place the booking widget in WordPress

A robust and powerful appointment booking widget you can integrate easily into any WordPress website page with user-friendly blocks and widgets we provide. BookingPress supports all popular page builders, including Gutenberg and Elementor.
Dental Appointment System

Marketing & Payment Automation

Use PayPal, Stripe, Mollie and more

Enable PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout,, Mollie, Skrill, and other payment methods, summing up in 15 free-to-use in the plugin gateways for your healthcare business.

Oversee upcoming appointments and cancellations

Integrate Zapier, Zoom, Outlook, WooCommerce and other apps and tools recognized in the world. Connect calendars and get user-friendly tools to connect more payment systems.

SMS, WhatsApp & other notifications

Integrate various ways to send automated follow-ups to your patients, choosing from emails, direct SMS on their phones or even the WhatsApp messenger.

BookingPress Doctor appointment booking system

Booking statistics: filter the numbers and get insights

Increase operational efficiency of your hospital and staff by getting the stats from your booking engine for WordPress. BookingPress comes packed with the stats and analytics instruments. The data is filterable by dates, so you can find out the needed information within a certain period of time.


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