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Google Calendar Integrations

Google Calendar Integrations

Google Calendar addon will help to connect, manage and see the updates of the appointments for the Staff Member.

With the Google Calendar addon, staff members will be able to sync and manage their booking schedule for the services they are assigned.

When any of the customers will book an appointment, it will sync with the Google calendar of the staff member and the appointment will be added to it with configured Event Title, Description, and Location.

Note: If the service capacity is more than one then only the last booked/rescheduled/updated appointment location data will be stored in the Google Calendar event.

If the staff will already be assigned with any of the services, then they will be marked as busy in the google calendar, and those service slots will not be available for that particular time to be booked from a Booking website.

Note: Cancelling, Deleting, or Rescheduling the booked appointments will need to be done from BookingPress and not from Google Calendar. Suppose if the staff member does any changes to the appointment schedule from their Google Calendar, then it will not reflect in BookingPress, but if the admin will change the schedule from BookingPress, it will be updated in the Google Calendar as well.

Included with:
BookingPress Standard Plan
BookingPress Professional Plan
BookingPress Enterprise Plan
Last Updated:
Apr 24,2024
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