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Service Package Addon

Service Package Addon

BookingPress Service Package Addon allows you to create packages of multiple services and offer a discount on the total price to attract more customers.

As well as setting discounts on packages, you can also set a validity period to ensure that customers use their package deals. Your clients will appreciate this option because it simplifies the booking process, increases revenue, and promotes repeat business.

BookingPress service package addon provides functionality to book packages without booking any package appointment at a time, and customers can book package appointments using the default appointment booking form.

Key Features of Service Package Addon

1. Multiple Service in a Single Package

This add-on allows you to select multiple services in a single package.

2. Advanced package list

This add-on provides a different package shortcode with a package image, description, and duration detail.

4. Easy to Manage

BookingPress offers you the best user experience, even in the backend, to manage all packages ordered by your clients.

5. Easy to Use

Clients can book a package appointment using the default appointment booking form.

Included with:
BookingPress Standard Plan
BookingPress Professional Plan
BookingPress Enterprise Plan
Last Updated:
April 25, 2024
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