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11 Unique Cleaning Business Ideas To Get More Clients

Cleaning Business Ideas

How to get clients for a cleaning business? In the modern world, almost all businesses have two main sources of finding new clients: traditional (word of mouth, networking, vehicle signage, etc.) and online (a brand website, internet platforms).

To boost your cleaning business, you need both, but the question is how you prioritize them and define those that would bring you the most return on investment. For those of you looking to find unique cleaning business ideas to get more clients, we’ve researched and curated the following cleaning business tips!

Integrate automated scheduling software

Save a huge amount of your time with automatic scheduling of cleanings after every guest checkout, based on real-time booking information available on your website.

It’s not just life-changing easy for clients – choose available time and pay for a service – it’s flexible for cleaners! With individual cleaner accounts and mobile apps, it’s easy to view their schedules and track progress.

Here you can read how cleaning service scheduling software works for WordPress websites. Such a system is not just a booking button, it’s a complete business and client management solution that tracks bookings, clients, payments, and income.

Promote focus on cleaning equipment

A big part of cleaning is performed with the help of cleaning equipment. This is a good reason to focus on your high-end vacuums, steamers, or floor cleaners to demonstrate your investment in quality equipment and, thus the quality of your work. Make this advertising even more effective with before and after photos, videos of how this equipment operates, and more.

Offer frequently requested services in a package

Offer cleaning packages! This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create attractive propositions for customers. For example, offer basic cleaning + deep clean for oven or carpets at a slight discount compared to booking them individually. You can also suggest add-on services like fridge cleaning; this can be easily done with the booking software as well.

Sell gift certificates

Do you think work certificates work only for beauty salons? Of course not! It can be a funny and positive way to give someone a cleaning services certificate, especially if your type of cleaning services is very appropriate.

Give a discount on cleaning with a purchase at a home goods store

Build partnerships with local businesses and create joint promotions like offering discounts to new clients when they make a purchase at the home goods store. Additionally, think of seasonal promotions (e.g. summer cleaning specials).

Embrace personalization

Think about how you can use personalization marketing when offering your cleaning services. Here are a few examples: 

  • Gather customer preferences during booking (e.g., pet allergies, preferred cleaning products). Use this information to personalize cleaning services you’ll promote in the future via email or SMS.
  • Create special offers with a focus on eco-friendly products (study other trends in customer preferences).
  • Analyze customer feedback and create special offers based on those preferences that were mentioned most of the time.

Give loyalty points for priority scheduling  

Winning retiring customers is all about implementing a loyalty program, where customers earn points for each cleaning – or you can narrow it for priority scheduling or any other relevant action.

Consider an “express clean” service type

The world is fast, people need quick solutions and ‘express’ cleaning. Try offering cleaning services focusing on high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms – for busy clients who need a quick refresh. You can also offer convenient scheduling options like same-day or weekend appointments to make those customers even happier.

Create humorous content

Create a TikTok or Youtube Shorts channel and post entertaining videos related to cleaning struggles. This can help you make your brand image more widely known, entertain customers, and make them never forget about you. If you are asking yourself ‘How do I get clients for my cleaning business’, is it time to start your ‘CleanTok’ probably?

Diagnose your business model

Okay, you have established working sources for getting prospects for your cleaning services business, and you seemingly have their attention, but what happens, in reality, is that a prospect continues searching for other options. What might be wrong? Ask yourself the following questions and try to identify your problem areas:

  • Is the value you offer for the price clear? Are your prices differ a lot from competitors nearby? Put yourself into the client’s shoes and compare prices and services.
  • How do you manage your online reputation? If you google your brand name, do you stumble upon negative reviews? How do you deal with them?
  • Have you tested whether you have limited scheduling availability or inflexible time windows? If so, try to find solutions.
  • Do you properly communicate what businesses you are targeting? Try to narrow your niche and position yourself as a vacation rental cleaner, a post-construction cleaning company, etc. This should signal to prospects you are an expert in the niche they need help with. If you deal with different cleaning types, try to build a dedicated online page for every, with optimized local keywords and a powerful marketing copy.
  • How to get customers for a cleaning business with one-time bookings and memberships? Prospects might be looking for long-lasting relationships at a discount price with a membership.
  • How flexible are your scheduling options? Think of more ways to be available.
  • How do you manage guest satisfaction? Think of loyalty bonuses, especially for returning customers.

Learn what others do

Do your homework, and study your competitors – what is special about their office, services, equipment, pricing, or the way they communicate their messages on their website? Create a competition marketing analysis and make it your routine to check out what they do and how they evolve. You can learn a lot on how to get cleaning customers after analyzing the websites of your competitors!

To Conclude –  How to Get Cleaning Business Clients?

Now it’s time to pick ideas that might work for you: your budget resources, inspiration, brand voice, and the actual business routines. How to choose the best ideas? A few final recommendations for today:

  1. Upsell or re-arrange your existing cleaning service offerings. This is the cheapest way.
  2. Find creative ways to attract clients with humorous content and funny gift certificates.
  3. Boost your website with modern service scheduling software, smart content marketing, and social media activities.

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