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How To Start an Eyelash Business Successfully: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Start an Eyelash Business

Eyelash technicians today are privileged – eyelash extensions are a popular beauty service, technicians can work flexible hours if desired, and of course, a creative outlet means a lot for both clients and practitioners.

Clients are seeking high-quality services and are willing to pay a lot for skilled lash artistry.

If you are looking to join the industry and start an eyelash business on your own, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide of the main aspects to have on your radar.

General Aspects of Eyelash Business

Eyelash Business

An eyelash business is a niche-specific beauty business – compared to a full-service/multi-service salon (such as for hair, nails, facials, etc.). So, unlike a general salon, your eyelash business will focus on a specific set of supplies: lash extensions, adhesives, removers, cleansing products, applicators, and more. This means you might have a smaller but more loyal audience.

At the same time, eyelash technicians typically require specialized training and certification programs compared to some generalist beauty services.

Another crucial aspect is that strict hygiene protocols are of high priority in eyelash application. You’ll need to invest in proper sterilization equipment to avoid any infections and ensure technicians follow proper sanitation procedures. Probably even have extra equipment, such as an air cleaner, in your salon.

A lot also depends on the customer consultation and your ability to handle it well – online or at the salon. So, you also need to hire an expert consultant, who will assess natural lashes, discuss desired styles, and recommend suitable options – these can be your technicians as well. 

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Write a Business Plan

Write a Business Plan

You can write a business plan simply intuitively, relying on well-known expenses, or download business plan samples and use any as a basis. 

  1. Decide on the type of product: eyelash services/ eyelash products / both.
  2. Create an exclusive name for your business.
  3. Think of the number of employees – is it a salon or solo technician business.
  4. Include main expenses (inventory, utilities, salaries, advertising).
  5. Choose between a sole proprietorship or a partnership business, and learn more details of the business registration in your country.
  6. Choose the location and consider safety and regulations terms for your business.
  7. Start a website under your brand domain names and create social network brand accounts.
  8. Include costs for basic marketing efforts. 

An eyelash business plan helps you with planning, clear documentation, and practical implementation of every step, even if you are not going to follow it strictly.

Choose a Salon Location

The cost of rent, property taxes, and utilities of the potential location are always on top of your list when you are choosing the location. However, if you have resources, try to identify a location with good foot traffic, for example, near other beauty-related businesses or malls.

Moreover, beauty products being quite often about the in-store experience, you can offer various ways for a customer to get a feel for the lash look they desire:

  • Offer premade lash trays.
  • Create photo books or portfolios with lash extensions.
  • Offer pre-made fans of lashes that they can place under the customer’s eye.
  • Give a consultation on styles, lengths, and thicknesses of lashes (offer consultant appointment scheduling). 

Create Online Promotion Strategies

Today, beauty brands, including eyelash technicians, heavily rely on online promotion. Considering that all the client attention is mostly going to streaming services, social media, and email, think of implementing the following ways of reaching your customers: 

  • Your own website (you can concentrate all your activities around it).
  • Streaming services (YouTube, Facebook, online education platforms).
  • Email (create free downloadable resources like eyelash aftercare plans and exchange them for an email address of the client).
  • Create short videos showcasing your everyday work (TikTok, Youtube Shorts).
  • Find partner websites that would want to tell you about your brand.
  • Learn the basics of SEO for a beauty salon and apply them across your site and networks. 

If you can’t hire Zendaya to be the spokesmodel of your beauty brand, think of the quality of the content you can create yourself. Remember that your target audience is always inundated with ads so we are highly recommending finding creative ways to use those marketing channels where you’ll have the most attention (streaming services, social media, and email), but in the most creative way.

Take Client Reservations Online on Your Website

While you can use social networks and third-party platforms to create your brand page and find clients, this is not the most trusted method in the long run for a successful beauty brand. 

Client Reservations Online

To be fully independent and have the design, marketing, and payments under your control, starting your own website is a must. With WordPress, it’s really hassle-free. You will not just have an awesome online presence with your preferred design, but also have the desired functionality for accepting client reservations, when they can select the available time in the booking calendar and even make a payment. 

For example, using the BookingPress beauty salon software, you can manage:

Salon Booking Software
  • Booking forms: accept bookings online for any of your lash services or consultations.
  • Multiple lash artists and locations: Manage a team of lash technicians across different salons or in one salon.
  • Technician availability: schedule your lash artists with their individual schedules, supporting breaks, days off, and more.
  • Customizable pricing: set prices for services based on duration, type of service, and discounts.
  • Popular methods are available: collect deposits or offer full online payment options.
  • Automated notifications: timely emails, SMS, or WhatsApp alerts about appointments.

For those clients who need to refill or apply a new full set on a regular basis, they can easily schedule recurring visits with this booking plugin.

Conclusion: Start an Eyelash Business with Confidence

Starting a beauty business means joining a profitable, thriving market, so even if you start small – do it with confidence.

Test things out with the brand messages, salon and website design, and the selection of services you can offer as an eyelash practitioner to find your ground.
Last but not least, many challenges of starting a beauty business as an eyelash practitioner can be solved with technologies – POS in your salon for contactless payments, automated online appointment bookings in advance, and AI automation.

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