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100+ Best Nail Salon Name Ideas 2024

Best Nail Salon Name Ideas

Building a nail salon is difficult, but when it comes to naming it, it’s not even easier! 

However, with so many naming tools offered and artificial intelligence at your hand, you can easily get exposed to numerous wordplays for a nail business name, combine them the way you want, and come up with a perfect nail business name.

How to Choose the Nail Salon Business Name: 3 Key Points

Choosing the right name for your nail salon requires thinking of many aspects at a time – it should have a tone that attracts people and can become a symbol of your nail business brand. 

We suggest 3 key points to consider:

  1. Speak to your audience: do you imagine who your dream clients are? Do you want to keep classic elegance or playful vibe in your name – what will your audience like? Consider their age, interests, and what kind of experience they seek. 
  2. Test how memorable it is: a catchy, easy-to-remember name is always the best way to go. Avoid complex sayings or unusual spellings.
  3. Think of what uniqueness you can bring: how can your nail salon business stand out from the crowd, especially if you run your salon in a busy area?

Domain Name and Website

Your salon name should also have its digital address on the internet. However, many names are already taken, so you will need to be pretty sure that the name you’ve chosen is not taken by someone else on the internet.

So what should you do to secure your dream name for a nail business? Here are a few things:

  • Domain Availability Check

Such services as or even popular hosting providers such as GoDaddy (domain name registrar’s search tool ) can help you check domain availability. You can try your salon name + “.com” or other extensions to see if it is available for registration.

  • Test extensions beyond .com

The “.com” is a popular extension in the mind of many people, but you can consider other extensions like “.studio” or location-specific options like “” if it suits your brand (and it often costs cheaper, needless to say).

  • Secure your domain name

You have real luck if your chosen domain name is free, so make sure to register it. The cost will depend on the chosen name and domain extension – but most domain registrars have affordable registration fees.

5 Practical Tips for Nail Business Name Choice

There are many ways to play with sounds and words for your nail salon business name, where we suggest 5 tips for picking the perfect nail salon business name:

  • Use emotional words

Choose emotions that resonate with the sense your services provide. They may sound as “luxury,” “relaxation,” “confidence,” or “creativity” – or something not so generic!

  • Use precise words

The words that hint at the services you offer, such as nails, polish, manicure, spa, etc. – but it’s better to use them without a generic sound, probably combining with letters and numbers, or use with other words in an unexpected manner.

  • Play with alliteration and rhyme

Catchy and unexpected wordplays can make a name memorable, so try to repeat sounds and double sounds, for example, NN Nails. Try to work with a rhythm that sticks in people’s minds.

  • Keep it short

The shorter ones are better. Some long names also work, but shorter are commonly more memorable and easy to understand. It’s recommended to aim for a name with 2-3 words that are easy to say and spell.

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100+ Best Nail Business Name Ideas 2024

Let’s now bring you into the inspirational mood. 

Feminine with French Taste

  • Fleur de Mani (Flower of Mani)
  • Le Petit Nail (The Little Nail)
  • Rêve de Rose (Dream of Rose)
  • Papillon Polish (Butterfly Polish)
  • La Jolie Manucure (The Pretty Manicure)

Nature-Oriented with Urban Vibes

  • Blooming Concrete
  • Wildflower District
  • Urban Oasis Nails
  • Petal & Pavement
  • Rooftop Blooms & Polish

Made-up Nail Salon Names

  • Para Polish
  • Karma Mani
  • Everything for Shine
  • Zu Sein
  • Pyramid Nails
  • Nail Tips & Taste
  • Blumen Nails

Chinese-Inspired Names

  • Mei Gui Ni (Beautiful Fingernail)
  • Jade Bamboo 
  • Red Clove Flower
  • Dragon Horse Nails
  • Golden Silver Flo

Bohemian & Luxury

  • Indigo & Pearl
  • Dream Catcher Nails
  • Gypsy Luxe Nails
  • The Velvet File
  • The Wandering Manicure
  • Exquisite Nails Emporium
  • Gilded Tips & Toes
  • Allure Nail Haven
  • Flawless Nails Salon
  • The Grandeur Gloss
  • Regal Nails Boutique
  • Opulent Nails Oasis
  • Pop Art Polish
  • Nail Canvas
  • The Drip Mani
  • Stencil & Sparkle
  • Pixel Perfect Nails

Highway Nail Salon Vibe

  • Route 66 Nails
  • Chrome & Chrome
  • Backroad Beauty
  • Desert Rose Nails
  • Highway Nails
  • Hero Nails

Season & Weather Vibe

  • Summer Solstice Nails
  • Autumn Ember Glow
  • Winter Haven Manis
  • Spring Fling Polish
  • Rainy Day Retreat Nails
  • Sunshine & Tips
  • Verdant Varnish 
  • April Showers & Perfect Nails
  • The Spring Fling Studio

Exotic Nail Salons

  • Marrakech Mani & Pedi
  • Rio Sunset Nails
  • Bali Bliss Nails
  • Zanzibar Zest Nails
  • Tulum Tranquility Spa

Professional Focus

  • The Polished Professional
  • The Nail Studio
  • Precision Polish
  • The Refined Nail Bar
  • The Manicurist Guild

Comfort & Relaxation Emphasis

  • Serene Nails & Spa
  • The Tranquil Touch
  • The Blissful Retreat
  • The Relaxation Station
  • Cloud 9 Nails & Wellness

Classic Nail Business Names

  • The Polished Nail
  • The Elegant Manicure
  • My Beauty Bar
  • The Pampered Hand
  • La Belle Mani (French for “The Beautiful Hand”)
  • Lasting Beauty
  • Permanent Make-up

Nail Salon Names with Numbers & Clever Wordplay

  • Ten Perfect Fingers
  • Four Seasons Nails
  • Double Take Nails
  • XXL Mani Match
  • Eleventh Hour Express

Descriptive, Poetic & Playful

  • Wildflower Whisper
  • Spirit Bloom Salon
  • Untamed Beauty Nails
  • Rebellious Rose & Co.
  • Desert Bloom & Polish
  • Where Wildflowers Dance
  • Wild at Heart Nails
  • Spirit of the Meadow
  • Untamed Petals & Polish
  • Bloom with Wild Abandon

Nail Salon Names Inspired by World Art Movements

  • Pop Art Polish
  • Renaissance Nails
  • Da Vinci Digits
  • The O’Keeffe Oasis

Business Names with Cultural References

  • The Hamsa Hand & Polish
  • The Kimono Kawaii
  • Bindi Beauty
  • The Flamenco Flicker
  • The Mardi Gras Mani

Business Nail Salon Names based on Mythology & Folklore

  • The Phoenix Flame & Beauty
  • The Mermaid’s 
  • Unicorn’s Sparkle
  • The Gypsy Glitter
  • The Dragon’s Den Nails

Conclusion on How to Name Your Nail Salon Business

Here are the final takeaways for naming your nail business:

  1. Your nail salon business name should resonate with your audience completely; for example, if you target luxury clients, it’s unlikely they will enjoy a playful name, so you should stick with the needs of your audience.
  2. Try to combine names using words from other languages, especially those internationally recognized.
  3. Use creative practical approaches to wordplay, alliteration, and unexpected word combinations.

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