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 All-in One Cleaning Service Scheduling Software for WordPress

Easily take appointments on WordPress for your cleaning company. Any number of reservations, operational locations, and staff members – without extra cost. A user-friendly booking wizard that runs smoothly on any device and makes it a breeze to order a cleaning service. Online payments, staff availability management, and marketing features – get all you need fully integrated with the BookingPress cleaning service scheduling software.
Cleaning Service Scheduling Software

Who Can Use Our Cleaning Service Scheduling Software?

We fine-tuned our cleaning software for many industries and service offerings, as well as business of different scales.

Establish a Professional Cleaning Business Website 

Make your day-to-day operations much easier with the tools by BookingPress, made specifically for cleaning businesses.

Service Offerings

Sell any number of cleaning services, categorized, with various pricing rates, delivered by different staff members.

Scheduling Features

Create a schedule for the entire cleaning company or for every employee, with unbelievable days off and vacation time control.

Payment Methods

Set up payment methods to accept online payments, including 15+ gateways without extra charges.


Send fully automated emails to your customers or staff when a service is scheduled or canceled.

Employee Management

Personal timesheet schedules, accounts, and more to help your cleaning staff manage their clients and appointments.


Get the most out of your cleaning business by integrating numerous software without a middleman, with the BookingPress tools pre-integrated

We Support Features That truly matter to Cleaning Companies

Our cleaning business software is created with your industry needs in mind.
cleaning business software
Enable clients to book multiple cleaning services in a single transaction.
Enable clients to schedule appointments by specific cleaning tasks.
Unlimited bookings, employees & locations without extra fees.
Send reminders to customers & staff about upcoming appointments.
Offer clients to book extra services along with the main one.
Allow clients to choose the preferred time of the chosen cleaning procedures.
Give an individual account to every staff member
Flexible employee scheduling with time-off requests and scheduling preferences

The Ultimate Schedule Management for Your Cleaning Company

Empower your cleaning team with customized cleaning company software.
Personalized Cleaning Schedules

Personalized Cleaning Schedules

Adapt schedules to accommodate individual preferences of your cleaning staff, including preferred workdays or specific service areas.
Individualized Accounts for Your Staff

Individualized Accounts for Your Staff

Provide each cleaning professional with their own dedicated account for managing clients, bookings, and availability.
Flexible Time-Off Management

Flexible Time-Off Management

Easily manage unavailable days and times for cleaning professionals, including recurring vacations or occasional breaks.
Optimized Break Times

Optimized Break Times

Integrate buffer times between cleaning appointments to accommodate necessary breaks and optimize scheduling flexibility.

Automate all Your Routines

The best software for cleaning companies seeking to automate bookings, payments, notifications, and marketing.

Automate Reservations

The BookingPress cleaning service scheduling software automates booking approval and record-keeping – no need for daily human intervention! Ditch the phone calls and tedious emails.

Automate Payment Processing

With over 20+ pre-integrated payment gateways and on-site transactions, BookingPress will help you accept payments and keep records in any region. Enable customers to choose their familiar preferred option at checkout.

Automate Notifications

Automated notifications via SMS, email, and WhatsApp will help you keep your clients in the loop. Build a better brand image with the proper communication.

Simplify Marketing

Need integration with other services? With BookingPress, you can use Zapier, Zoom, Outlook, WooCommerce, and other popular tools to facilitate your marketing and management tasks.
software for cleaning companies

Best Booking Plugin at best Price

Use BookingPress and its add-ons to grow your business

Standard Plan

Normally $99.00

$79 / year

Professional Plan

Normally $199.00

$129 / year

Enterprise Plan

Normally $999.00

$249 / year

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User-friendly Cleaning Service Scheduling Software Instrument Board

Smooth and simple control over your cleaning reservations, from scheduling to payment processing.
Intuitive Backoffice

Intuitive Backoffice

A cleaning service scheduling software with a user-friendly interface.
Upcoming Services

Upcoming Services

Gain a comprehensive overview of upcoming cleaning appointments via the calendar or list view.
Detailed Client Information

Detailed Client Information

Keep detailed records of each client, including contact details, service history, preferences, and more.
Manual Bookings

Manual Bookings

Take control of bookings beyond the frontend by manually registering new cleaning requests.
Centralized Payment Management

Centralized Payment Management

View and manage payment details, such as gateways used, tax information, and invoices.
Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Built-in analytics to gain valuable insights into the success of your cleaning business.

Full-Cycle Payments and Billing: Invoices, Discounts, Taxes

The cleaning business software by BookingPress handles everything from online payments to professional invoices, ensuring your cleaning company gets paid promptly and efficiently
Secure Online Charges

Secure Online Charges

Offer your clients the convenience of paying online through a variety of secure payment gateways. With over 20+ gateways to choose from, you serve a truly wide range of customers with different payment habits.

On-site Payments

On-site Payments

Allow clients to pay at your office or when your staff arrives at the job site. Advanced bookings should not necessarily mean instant payments – and your clients will appreciate that.
Tax Transparency

Tax Transparency

Maintain clear and accurate billing practices by setting up tax charges for your appointment fees. Make your clients informed of all costs upfront – trust and transparency for your cleaning company is guaranteed!
Smart Discounts

Smart Discounts

Attract new customers and reward loyal ones with discounts! Thanks to the easy-to-use discount code creation menu, it’s easy to run targeted promotions, generate excitement and make your cleaning business popular
Professional Invoices

Professional Invoices

Send your clients professional PDF invoices that clearly outline their cleaning services booked and associated costs. Make your online business operations truly professional.
Deposit Payments

Deposit Payments

Enable clients to ensure that their appointments are locked in with a simple deposit payment! Maintain a more consistent schedule without forcing an instant full payment on a client.

Gain Real-Time Insights with Our Integrated Analytics Dashboard

Monitor essential metrics of your cleaning business with our insightful dashboard.
Track Received Bookings

Track Received Bookings

Visualize the number of bookings and new clients acquired over time to understand what services are having demand.
Analyze Revenue and Profitability

Analyze Revenue and Profitability

The dashboard displays data of your total revenue to assist you in making pricing and service offerings changes intelligently.
Evaluate Conversion Rates

Evaluate Conversion Rates

You can compare the number of confirmed bookings to the number of cancellations to see your real reservation conversion rates.

Create and Tailor-made Cleaning Service Booking Form

You don’t just control the inner workings of your cleaning business software – it’s easy to customize the look of the booking widget that you add to your WordPress!

Customize Colors and Fonts

Choose a color palette and font styles that match your cleaning company’s website to be in style with your brand.

Rename Field Labels for Clarity

Change the default field labels to more user-friendly terms that your clients will easily understand.

Output Staff Expertise

Showcase brief bios and achievements of your cleaning staff in the booking widget. You can also add their photo!

Gather Additional Information

Add extra fields to collect specific information about your clients’ cleaning needs. This could include details about the type of cleaning service, the size of their home or office, etc.

Provide Detailed Service Descriptions

Include clear and concise descriptions of each cleaning service you offer. Add relevant images to illustrate the different types of cleaning tasks.

Insert the Booking Form to WordPress

Easily insert the booking form you designed to your WordPress website using popular page builders or just the default WordPress block editor.

40+ Hand-crafted Extensions to Skyrocket Your Cleaning Business

Cleaning service software that takes care of your marketing, too.
Cleaning service software

Selectable Cleaning Duration

Provide clients with the option to choose the duration of their cleaning service based on their specific needs.

Additional Cleaning Services

Allow clients to choose extra cleaning services, such as deep cleaning, appliance cleaning, or organization and decluttering.

Multi-Location Cleaning

Provide your cleaning services to multiple locations and foster partnering with real estate agents or property management companies.

Happy Hours Cleaning

Offer discounted cleaning services during “happy hours“, which you can define yourself!

Seamless Integrations with Popular Services

Add the powerful features of popular services to your BookingPress cleaning service scheduling software.

Outlook, Google, & Yahoo Calendar

Enable your staff and clients to receive instant notifications via popular calendar applications like Outlook, Google, and Yahoo Calendar.


BookingPress integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, which opens up even more options for integrating various payment gateways


BookingPress’s Mailchimp integration makes it easy to send targeted email campaigns to your client base with no effort.

SMS & WhatsApp

Remind clients of upcoming cleaning appointments, send personalized messages, and appointment confirmations.

Best Cleaning Business Software to Cover Your Back Beyond

  • Live Chat, Tickets & Email
  • Blog & Demo Sites
  • Documentation and Videos
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Support for Popular WordPress Page Builders
Best Cleaning Business Software

And More Industry-Recognized Tools

The cleaning business software that is perfect at any scale.
Create a website in any language

Create a website in any language

You can optimize the schedule of every yoga teacher by creating a regular working schedule and then making it flexible with extra holidays, vacations and other types of custom periods.
Stay GDPR compliant

Stay GDPR compliant

ou can rest assured that your clients’ data is safe and secure thanks to the latest GDPR requirements taken care of by our plugin.
Use it with right-to-left writing systems

Use it with right-to-left writing systems

 BookingPress supports RTL writing systems, so have no limits in managing your business and reaching your audience.
Customize your website to your liking

Customize your website to your liking

Developer’s documentation and extra tools to help you further build a booking website of your dream.
Spam Protection with Google reCaptcha

Spam Protection with Google reCaptcha

Combat spam of your cleaning booking forms with the best-in-class technology.
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