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Google Calendar Vs Apple Calendar: Which One to Use?

google vs apple calendar

No wonder almost all are busy and running their own race today. Most of our days are packed with a tight work schedule, back-to-back business meetings, client communication, and whatnot? Planning our days and staying organized will help us manage our time efficiently and stay focused on our goals.

In this world of smartphones, we have apps to plan our schedules. The calendar app on your iPhone comes in handy to organize your dates and events. 

The two most popular calendar apps, Google calendar, and Apple calendar are more than scheduling tools. They are multipurpose tools with various features that are ideal for everyone, specifically for business owners. 

So, are you wondering which calendar app you should go for? Here is a quick comparison of Google calendar vs Apple calendar. Let’s get started. 

Calendar Layout

Look wise, both Google and Apple have a similar layout, but they do differ in specific features. Let’s see the similarities first. 

Both of these calendars have multiple layouts that allow you to switch between days, weeks, months, or upcoming events. 

Google and Apple can retrieve birthdays from your contacts app and display the event on the calendar. You can add multiple calendars to both of them. 

However, with Google, you get to choose calendars like religious calendars, sports calendars, and more. Apple has only a Home and Work calendar. You have to create a new calendar manually in the Apple calendar app. 

Verdict: Though it’s a close call, Google is the winner. 

Adding Events and Appointments

Both Google and Apple allow you to add upcoming events to their calendar apps. All you need is to press and hold a day to create an event. 

Google calendar enables you to create a recurring event that would instantly be added to every date you choose. Moreover, with native Google Meet integration, one can schedule video conferences.

Apple lets you add Travel Time to your events which can be beneficial for many. It also allows you to add invitees similar to Google calendar. 

Verdict: It’s a tie as both Google and Apple calendars have different sets of features. 

Calendar Notifications

Google and Apple calendar comes with numerous customizing notifications. With Google, one can set default settings for every event. Thus, it will remind you about the event 10 minutes before the time.

Plus, it even reminds you about the event through email. Moreover, Google also encourages you to set custom default settings for custom calendars. 

On the flip side, for Apple, the default setting is 10 minutes before the event, which you can customize on an event basis. But, Apple has one more exciting feature called “Time to Leave”. 

If you set a location for the event, the Apple calendar analyzes your current location, traffic, and time it takes to reach the event location and recommends you a time to leave. Thus, you will not miss the event. 

Verdict: Apple is the clear winner here.

Integration with Other Calendars

Google calendar enables you to request your colleagues to access their calendars. With their Gmail ID, you can access the calendar and even import third-party calendars with a URL. 

Above all, you can even import your Apple calendar into Google calendar with a single tap, making Apple calendar obsolete.

However, Apple also has options to subscribe to custom calendars. But, you have to figure that out by yourself and manually add it to the app.

Verdict: Google is the winner for sure.


Apple calendar is exclusive to Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. Of course, you can access the Apple calendar via iCloud on Windows and Android devices, but it’s not very intuitive. 

But, the Google calendar is accessible from all platforms. It has official apps for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you can access Google calendar from anywhere using a web browser. 

Verdict: Google is the clear winner here.

Final Thoughts

After analyzing all the features and aspects in mind, Google calendar wins the cup clearly. It is well designed and integrated with Gmail. Plus, one can access it from every other device.

Google Calendar is a powerful scheduling tool that offers a range of features and benefits that make it stand out from other calendar applications. It is designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, making it easy for users to quickly create and manage events and appointments.

But, if you are an Apple fan, the Apple calendar is an excellent choice as well. Apple or Google? What’s your choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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