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10 Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty in Yoga Business

Boost Customer Loyalty in Yoga Business

Whether you are on the stage of choosing a yoga business name or operating a full-scale studio, we have a few interesting and sometimes unexpected tips to surely boost customer loyalty!

From deploying mentorship platforms to improving the ambience of your location, there must be a lot of work to do!

Get ready to explore ten tips and choose how you can start today.

Put the aesthetics & ambience of your location first

Invest in a visually perfect image of your studio, both interior and exterior sides.

If clients are not enjoying the place, even the most generous membership program can’t bring them back! On the contrary, if clients truly enjoy the place, their desire to repeat the experience will only grow stronger over time.

What do people really enjoy seeing? Let’s make a list:

  • A lot of greenery outside, perfectly with benches and creative landscape design decisions.
  • Clean and well-organized space with good ventilation.
  • Comfortable flooring and mindful decor.

We encourage you to consult an interior and landscape designer to suggest what things are better to add or remove. You might even end up with the idea of moving to a completely new location!

Offer an irresistible membership program

The most obvious thing to keep customers loyal is to run an attractive membership program.

It’s natural that people want to feel valued and rewarded for giving their loyalty to you, so it’s your task to choose the most suitable membership program.

Here are a few ideas to use for shaping a yoga business membership program:

  1. Unlimited classes within a certain timeframe.
  2. Provide member-only valuable content created by you or your team.
  3. Offer priority bookings for popular events. Make it easy to schedule events and appointments with the dedicated software.
  4. Offer discount rates for friends or family members of your customers.
  5. Collaborate with gyms, salons, or even retails to get discounts for your customers.

The current economy has trained people into bonuses, rewards, and other gamification elements and you can’t allow yourself to skip it.

Diversify your options

While it’s a challenging task for a solo yoga mentor, we are sure yoga studios can only benefit by diversifying yoga services.

And most importantly, regularly offer clients to change activities and try something new.

When they need something new, you are here to provide it, for example:

  • Various forms of yoga (Hatha, Bikram, Kundalini).
  • Outdoor yoga retreats.
  • Private sessions.
  • Yoga workshops.

It’s somewhat similar to how soda drink or chocolate bar company producers constantly experiment with new tastes. Modern people need more choices and tastes, so give them this diversity in yoga services too!

Offer your clients to change activities to help them get more open to new experiences, and you’ll surely see an increase in customer loyalty.

Don’t neglect virtual yoga sessions

Your clients might be too busy, live too far away, or simply enjoy the sports format of the new era. If there are clients who want to do yoga online, why not? Be flexible.

Use Zoom or any other video conference tool to run the whole process smoothly.

Engage your clients in the activities you take part yourself

Become a situational friend to yoga customers beyond yoga classes. 

If you promote the idea that yoga is not just a sport, you’ll surely find like-minded people who’d want to engage in extra yoga-related activities.

So do invite your customers to the next art gallery visit, meditation workshop, or hikes in scenic locations!

There are clients who are socialized and lonely alike, but try to make an offer and you’ll surely see the response from all types.

Activities that stimulate creativity and engage the mind are highly valued by people, just like spending more time together. This is a great way to get closer with your students.

Put individual offers on top of your marketing activities

Everyone loves personal offers, if you can manage to make up that are suitable to your clientele, you are one step ahead of your competitors.

The most common ones usually include birthday discounts, referral rewards, welcome packages for new students, workshop bundles, and more.

‘Ceremonize’ your yoga sessions

Experiment more with adding a touch of ‘ceremony’ to your classes, and integrate some interesting routines or habits beyond just providing yoga classes.

From the moment clients walk in to entering their studio room or leaving it, is there something you can add or remove to make their experience more enjoyable? Examples:

  • Encourage clients to put something on the community board (e.g. ‘your emoji today’).
  • Create a small yoga library and offer inspirational reading before or after the classes.
  • Create a space where clients can stay together after the classes. Coffee, tea, and good books are a must!

Be honest about your limitations or difficulties

Everyone want an individual schedule? A window was opened or closed during a yoga session? You have just 24 hours per day, and some of them are your personal time. All the problems in the world (in your studio) are not solved in one day.

Be honest and direct with customers when it comes to your collaboration, and be open about the borders you set. Conscious clients will appreciate your openness. Voicing out does and don’ts is a healthy path in every relationship with customers.

Listen to your customers

When you ask for feedback, the most interesting idea for improving loyalty can come from your clients.

And there is one more pleasant bonus – when you ask your clients, they feel more valued because their opinion is wanted to be heard! It will also have a positive influence on your yoga brand.

Develop a mentorship platform

It involves creating mentorship programs, training materials, providing feedback, and taking part in community events and retreats.

Since mentorship is about building relationships based on trust and guidance, a full-scale mentorship platform is a desire of many yoga studios, but let’s be honest, it’s a time-consuming solution that also requires dedicated mentors.

If you can afford it, however, this will surely help you build stronger community bonds.

Conclusion: What’s most important in enhancing customer loyalty in the yoga business?

To sum up, here are several areas where you must look for improvements to increase customer loyalty in the yoga business:

  • Focus on activities that help your customers experience something new. This rewarding feeling will help your clients be more emotionally attached to your company.
  • Think of creating more personalized offers. Offer an individual improvement program, consultation, or just a mentorship talk. 
  • Offer unexpected benefits for members and constantly improve their value. Go beyond a standard membership package and offer members creative incentives, regularly update and improve them to show your care.
  • Upgrade and improve the interior and exterior of your location. The aesthetic side of things is of top priority for literally 99% of clients, so make sure your clients spend their time in a visually enjoyable place.

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