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Top 10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins to Speed Up a Site 2024

WordPress Cache Plugins

On a quest to optimize WordPress pages to load in under two seconds? In this case, all site optimization roads lead to a caching plugin, among others.

Many performance factors that influence how your WordPress site loads, defining user experiences and your site’s visibility in search engines.

In this article, we’ll focus on the list of the 10 best WordPress cache plugins that will drastically change how fast your site loads – for the better.

Why Do I Need to Use Cache Plugins for WordPress? 

Previously, we were explaining the best methods to speed up your WordPress site, and the use of caching plugins was one of them. The main performance factor it influences is the application size, that is, a caching plugin decreases the size of the files that load on your site each time a website visitor accesses it.

One of the main aims of caching plugins is storing copies of your website’s files and pages in a temporary location (for example, the WP Super Cache plugin stores them via wp-content/cache/supercache/HOSTNAME/ where HOSTNAME is the domain name of your site). This means website visitors see a pre-made version of your site, loading it much quicker, and boosting the overall metrics of your WordPress site.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins – Top User Choices

Ready to choose the best among WordPress cache plugins? We’ll help by highlighting the main characteristics. 

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

Developed by the creators of WordPress, the Automattic company, this plugin is one of the top trusted cache plugins. It helps run quick cache tests to make it clear if your site/blog is actually cached, which is super handy for every user of the plugin.

On the other hand, the plugin deals with many technical details, which might be hard to grasp for all site owners. The plugin also produces static HTML pages helping your website better manage dynamic content, can cache your site page without limits, and effectively deals with website preloading effects.

WP Super Cache Details

WP Rocket

WP Rocket

What makes WP Rocket a truly stand-out choice is its user-friendly approach. A cache plugin by nature is a complex thing, but WP Rocket makes it usable even for non-techs with great admin experiences. It provides an easy configuration to the Rocket CDN (especially useful for websites with an international audience) that makes your site lightning-fast and helps you configure all the processes with smooth button clicks.

This is a premium-only plugin and you’ll need to pay at least $59/year for premium services and features. It works only on a live website so if you are going to take it for a spin, make sure it’s not a staging environment.

WP Rocket Details

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is a well-rated WordPress caching plugin used by over 5 million websites and works smoothly with the top popular WordPress plugins of all time – like WooCommerce, bbPress, and Yoast SEO.

It works perfectly on one site as well as multisite, supports dealing with browser cache, and is fully aimed for your PageSpeed score (including Core Web Vitals) optimization.

LiteSpeed Cache Details 

Speed Optimizer

Speed Optimizer

Speed Optimizer for WordPress built by the team of the SiteGround hosting company. It directs its efforts at various types of manual and automatic caching, media optimization, WordPress environment resources optimization, and smart speed tests.

Speed Optimizer Details

Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler

This is one of the most straightforward free WordPress cache plugins, so if you are looking for something quick and simple (yet working!), take this plugin for a spin. Thanks to its caching functionality, the plugin creates static HTML files of frontend pages and stores them on your hosting server’s disk.

It provides both automatic and manual smart cache clearing, minification of HTML excluding or including inline CSS and JavaScript, and smoothly works with the popular Autoptimize plugin.

Cache Enabler Details 

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache

This is a free cache plugin that is used by over 1 million people on their WordPress sites. The free version of the plugin provides some basic caching tools, but with a paid version (relatively modest one-time payment) you get mobile cache, minify HTML plus, Minify CSS plus, Minify JS, Combine JS Plus, Defer Javascript, Optimize Images and more solutions.

WP Fastest Cache Details



Made as a multipurpose WordPress plugin for optimizing your site for speed, this plugin by the creators of Smush can help you add more optimization layers to your site in addition to caching functionalities.

This plugin makes your WordPress site lightning fast for visitors on any device (desktop or mobile) with just a few clicks, which sounds really appealing to WordPress beginners. It goes further with technical recommendations for your site, score metrics to help you understand what you are doing, and monitoring of performance issues.

Hummingbird Details



Breeze is created by the Cloudways hosting company, and puts an emphasis on various site optimization features and simplicity.

It will optimize your site performance using Cloudflare’s caching capabilities, will smoothly integrate a CDN, and  will help you achieve smaller page sizes and faster load times through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minification.

Breeze Plugin Details

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Powered Cache

Powered Cache

Powerful Cache is a great free caching alternative with positive reviews. It’s a powerful framework that helps you optimize lazy loading effects, database files, object caching, CDN integration, and, what’s really important for your marketing, seamlessly works with Google & Facebook tracking extensions.

Powered Cache Details

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

Even though better suited for tech people, W3 Total Cache is one of the oldest and still used stand-bys among the best WordPress caching plugins (so we couldn’t make this list without it!). W3 Total Cache is a full-scale framework that deals with caching, browser caching, AMP, file minifying strategies, and CDN.

W3 Total Cache Details

Choose The Best WordPress Cache Plugin for Your Site with Our Top Choices

We’ve created the following cache plugin comparison table to help you quickly decide what cache plugin seems the most suitable solution for your WordPress site at the moment. Our top 6 rankings include:

WP Cache PluginBest ForCostDetails
WP Super CacheTechnical usersFreeWP Super Cache Details
WP RocketUser-friendly, powerful CDN$59/yearWP Rocket Details
LiteSpeed CacheFull caching control for advanced usersFreeLiteSpeed Cache Details 
Cache EnablerBeginners, simple cachingFreeCache Enabler Details 
WP Fastest CacheFull caching control for advanced usersFree or Pro $49/one-timeWP Fastest Cache Details
HummingbirdBeginners, multipurpose optimizationFree or Pro $3/monthHummingbird Details

Don’t hesitate to test various plugins, track your performance metrics with such must-use tools as Google PageSpeed Insights (and Core Webs Vitals) or GTmetrix, and decide which one works best for you.

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