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6 Cool Artificial Intelligence (AI) WordPress Plugins

AI WordPress Plugins

You definitely have a lot on your plate when it comes to day-to-day WordPress management routines: content schedule and creation, SEO, improvements, performance, and marketing, to name a few.

With AI on the rise, you should search to automate and simplify many of those routines. WordPress has already done some work in this direction!

Given we’re working on the BookingPress appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress, we’ve shared a list of useful AI tools for service websites before. They do perform well!

Today, however, our goal is to research and share a list of useful AI tools for multipurpose WordPress websites, from blogs to shops, to allow anyone to find something new and give it a try.

How is Artificial Intelligence Used in WordPress?

There are already quite a few WordPress AI plugins gaining traction.

Examples of using AI in WordPress include but are not limited to:

  • Chatbots.
  • SEO automation.
  • Content and image generation.
  • Automated review and supports answers.
  • Smooth and better translation.

But it’s not just a matter of standalone artificial intelligence WordPress plugins. Many popular plugins for WordPress, such as Elelementor (third-party website builder), Jetpack (security, speed, marketing), and Getwid (content creation in the block editor) have already incorporated AI tools.

The features these plugins added are mainly so-called generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT-like options that allow you to generate different types of content or create images without leaving your WordPress.

The main pitfall in this case is that the usage of such technologies is not unlimited, some charges or other limitations might be involved at some stages of using the plugins.

However, it is worth giving them a try because even by staying within the limits you can still significantly improve your day-to-day workflow. Just test things out!

6 Helpful AI WordPress Plugins to Use on Any Website

Let’s now discover a few useful AI WordPress plugins, most of which you can test for free.

GetGenie – AI Assistant for SEO

GetGenie - AI Assistant for SEO

Perfect for: Automating SEO work and content creation on your WordPress website.

GetGenie is made to help you improve your workflow of hard SEO work and content creation. AI technologies, thanks to their deep analysis abilities, are very helpful in this task. How exactly? 

The tool will display on-page SEO scores to faster optimize your content, offer valuable suggestions for generating SEO-friendly slugs, integrate a chatbot, and perform trending and high search volume long tail SEO keyword analysis. 

To streamline all these tasks, the plugin offers 37 writing templates, AI Chatbot for live chat with 22+ AI personalities, and an FAQ generator.

Voicer – Text-to-Speech AI Converter

Voicer - Text-to-Speech AI Converter

Perfect for: Blogs that want to automate adding audio versions of their written content.

Based on the latest achievements in machine learning and artificial intelligence (Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API), the Voicer WordPress plugin is a handy solution for synthesizing high-quality human voice to convert written content into audio.

The plugin supports 45 languages, comes with a very straightforward interface and has been tested with top popular WordPress page builders, including Elementor and Divi.

Since audio content is on the rise, this can be a really helpful improvement for any type of blog, from massive news websites to personal blogging pages.

AI Engie – Free Chatbot for WordPress

AI Engie - Free Chatbot for WordPress

Perfect for: Content generation, SEO improvements, and image generation. 

The AI Engine is currently used by 30K+ people who need to quickly fill in WooCommerce product descriptions, train AI to build a custom chatbot to answer support questions, or generate quality SEO-optimized content for their blogs. And this is not the limit of what this AI chatbot can do.

In addition to that, this AI WordPress plugin works with images, translation, and more.

This tool is very interesting primarily because it doesn’t just ‘source’ AI capabilities from external AI APIs, it’s deeply customizable, allowing you to create very specific solutions to your business needs.

Formidable Forms – AI Responses to Form Submissions

Formidable Forms

Perfect for: AI-generated support answers, customer support, and content suggestions.

If you are dealing with customers, you know that answering their questions can take a ton of time, especially when they ask repeating questions simply because they don’t want to search through the docs.

The Formidable Forms plugin made it easier for you to solve this task by automating answers to support questions with the dedicated AI form field. They are smoothly integrating the OpenAI ChatGPT solution with the form builder plugin via the dedicated AI field to help you create an AI-powered pre-sale support assistance functionality or FAQ sections.

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WordLift – Increase Organic Traffic


Perfect for: Simplify your SEO efforts.

The WordLift plugin is still fresh software but it’s gaining attention as a handy solution for better optimizing your content for search engines. The solution is brought to you by the Italian startup founded in 2017.

It helps you self-organize content using publicly or privately available knowledge graphs, support your content with open-source images and photos, and make content tagging for better SEO.

WordLift supports multiple languages and can produce content compatible with markup, allowing search engines to better index your WordPress website.

Neuronto – Translate Your WordPress


Perfect for: Automatically translate/localize your website into languages that sound natural.

Neuronto is a deep learning-based software that allows you to have your website in multiple languages, almost automatically. Powered by the DeepL API, it allows you to embrace the power of AI in content translation. 

It allows you to create localized posts, pages, and other types of standard WordPress content, including custom content from WooCommerce and Elementor, actually in clicks.

Conclusion: Bring AI automation to your WordPress

It’s pretty clear that the rise of AI technology has brought about numerous benefits for WordPressers.

With the introduction of AI plugins and tools, tasks such as SEO automation, content and image generation, chatbot implementation, and translation have become much more bearable, – and more affordable!

For example, GetGenie stands out as a useful tool for automating SEO work and content creation. Voicer is ideal for bloggers who want to add audio versions of their written content. AI Engie serves as a powerful chatbot plugin that can assist with SEO improvements, image generation, and more. You can also use AI features within popular specialist plugins, such as Elementor or Jetpack.

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