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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins for 2024 (Expert Picks)

Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress beginners and seasoned users, do you want to take a look at what is going on the WordPress plugin market, who is having a moment, and why some plugins are more popular than others? Read on! 

We are not going to list random features of the solutions we have chosen for the ‘top best WordPress plugins in 2024’ nomination. We will, however, quickly explain our choice with a brief description of why these WordPress plugins still matter today and what value they bring to millions of websites.

WooCommerce – Bestseller for Online Commerce

WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce just recently rebranded to Woo, is not just the best-selling solution in the realm of online stores on WordPress. It’s undeniably the most robust and customizable software that serves many more websites that need to integrate secure payment gateways, from service selling to hotel bookings

Our nomination for the best WordPress plugin in 2024 would not be complete without this powerhouse, so if you need basic or advanced payment options, it’s wise to stop on Woo. It even has a free version!

Random review: “Great plugin for a high-performance online shop. We have been using this plugin for more than 10 years. In my opinion, it is an excellent solution for both small start-up online stores and mega-large shops.”

Rating: 4.5

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WP Rocket – #1 For Making Any Website Fast

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a well-established WordPress plugin for helping you optimize your website for performance because it deals with caching like no other plugin.

Caching is a powerful thing that helps your website ‘skip’ a few extra steps of requesting data and delivers content to your website visitors much faster. WP Rocket, as one of the most fully-equipped WordPress caching plugins, deserves to be in today’s selection thanks to numerous features, including rocking user interfaces, integration with popular hosting providers, and support for mobile devices.

Random review: “Hands down the best cache plugin EVER! Not only it solves speed issues, it’s extremely easy to setup and configure.”

Rating: 4.8

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BookingPress Booking Plugin – Must-Have for Service Businesses

BookingPress Booking Plugin

Regardless of whether selling services is your everyday operation or you just need to organize rare workshops, a booking plugin can simplify your life. Schedule all your appointments and meetings with clients, sell online courses, or enable consultation bookings with one of the most well-designed UIs of BookingPress.

This booking plugin is not just a sleek and beautiful design for appointment scheduling, it’s also a great toolkit with the biggest variety of payment gateways, extensions for marketing, and built-in business dedicated tools.

Random review: “Best plugin ever. Tons of possibilities in paid version and free is amazing too! Best booking plugin ever and I tried many of them. All in one solution and support is amazing!”

Rating: 4.7

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ARMember – Top Choice for Membership & Community Websites


Tons of websites on WordPress, regardless of their target audience, can accelerate their communication and interaction with the site visitors with smart community features.

ARMember is one of those best WordPress plugins that can help websites beyond schools, content creators, or consultants who implement membership features regularly. It offers you powerful and flexible content monetization options, intelligent content restriction rules, and stylish user profile page designs. Still don’t have a solution like this on your site? You might be listing money and customer engagement right now.

Random review: “It is a good free membership plugin. With its amazing dashboard, content protection facility, online payment gateway option, and fantastic support. Highly recommended!”

Rating: 4.1

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WPFunnels is a popular WordPress and WooCommerce funnel builder that can help you create high-converting landing pages, sales funnels, and checkout flows easily, thanks to its easy-to-use canvas, can also be used for making One Click Upsell & Downsell Offers. It offers a wide range of niche-specific funnel templates that you can use to get started quickly. Furthermore, WPFunnels supports popular page builder plugins, enabling you to design funnel pages right from the WordPress dashboard. You can obtain real-time stats on your visitors, buyers, and conversions with detailed funnel analytics. These insights can be used to enhance your funnels and increase sales. To have a fully automated business solution you can power up your funnels with the email marketing automation tool Mail Mint to get more leads & sales too.

Random review: used it on a real client project for a famous influencer here in Bulgaria, turn out great! -The quick funnel that we built generated around 10k for a few days with an 11% conversion rate!

Rating: 4.8

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Stackable – One of the Best Extensions to the Block Editor


The era of WordPress blocks and full site editing has started, and the block-empowered themes and plugins are welcomed. Even though the core blocks are already amazing, libraries of custom design solutions for the block editor are today irrepressible in the content creation routine for many of us.

Among the myriad of extensions that have already evolved, regular WordPressers and developers are constantly giving Stackable high five. This blocks extension emphasizes lightweight block templates you can use in clicks, versatile block ideas, and absolutely unparalleled style and design settings panels.

Random review: “Pick a good theme, add Stackable, ditch the page builders for EVER.”

Rating: 4.9

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Rank Math SEO – Fantastic Alternative to Yoast

Rank Math SEO

If you are not new to WordPress, you’ve surely experimented with SEO plugins, such as Yoast. But if you are keen to try different approaches, discover new angles of optimizing your site for search engines, give a try to Rank Math SEO, a decent tool to boost your writing and keyword optimization productivity.

Among its amazing features you’d want to try in 2024 are the AI assistant pre-integrated, Google search console integration, and detailed SEO tests.

Random review: “Rank Math SEO replaces 4 other essential plug-ins. It’s an absolute bargain.”

Rating: 4.9

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Uncanny Automator – Incredible Automation Solution

Uncanny Automator

Don’t miss out on the automation you can add to your WordPress website. With almost no-alternative tools, Uncanny Automator is an extraordinary creation for automating workflows for multiple plugins and apps you use every day. 

It supports WhatsApp, Google Sheets, HubSpot, and dozens of other solution and plugin integrations you can automate in multiple ways. Add purchase triggers, personalized discount offerings, and… unleash your creativity with one of the best WordPress plugins for automation.

Random review: “I am blown away by the capabilities of this plugin. I have been able to achieve things across multiple sites that I didn’t think possible.”

Rating: 4.9

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Jetpack – Expert All-in-One Toolkit for Security & Backup


If you are just starting out with WordPress, you might feel truly overwhelmed with ‘booster’, ‘helper’, and other ‘optimizer’ sort of plugins. The hard truth is that your website really needs them to function properly! But when you can’t choose, embark on Jetpack, one of the best WordPress plugins for 2024. It’s a time-tested, all-purpose (backup, security, speed), and created by true WordPress enthusiasts.

Random review: “Multi-functional plugin with the simple configuration options. Great solution!”

Rating: 3.9

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Weglot Translate – Smart Solution for Multilingual Websites

Weglot Translate

Let’s face it, the vast majority of websites are not in English, meaning smart multilinguality features are highly requested by WordPress users every single day. Soon we are to see multilinguality as a core WordPress feature, where there won’t be any need for a plugin, but not at the moment.

If you are searching for a truly powerful, smart, and intuitive solution for your multilingual website, consider Weglot Translate in 2024. In addition to standard features, Weglot provides you with a holistic approach to translation with collaboration tools, SEO instruments, and support for other popular plugins, such as WooCommerce.

Random review: “The support team at Weglot are exceptional. Very quick response (during their hours), and very patient and knowledgeable. The plugin itself is also very good, especially now with their Visual Editor. It makes it very easy to translate blocks of copy on your website by hand.”

Rating: 4.8

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AMP – Deliver Content Faster to Users of Mobile Devices


AMP has started as the initiative for the mobile-first web – and it doesn’t lose its relevance in 2024. More and more users rely on mobile devices to browse the internet, and it’s wise to get your website fully optimized for these experiences.

Using such plugins as AMP, you’ll be able to create an AMP-valid makeup for the search engines, thus increasing the speed on your website and simplifying the content access on mobile devices. The plugin makes this process an enjoyable journey.

Random review: “The best AMP plugin. It keeps my page design OK and lead me to AMP valid pages.”

Rating: 3.8

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