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250+ Dog Grooming Business Names: Funny, Classy & Creative

Best Dog Grooming Business Names

How to find a perfect name for your dog grooming business? In this article, you will find all you need, from tips and tricks to the actual dog groomer business names that you can use without any waiting.

What are best practices for pet salon names? Let’s start with them:

  1. Catchy and easy to remember dog grooming name ideas

Dog groomers’ name ideas are better to be sweet, probably with a nice rhythm if you want something catchy and lightweight. So if someone asks something like “Where do you take your pup for grooming?”, a name rolls off the tongue easily.

Examples include “Trim Team”, “Paws & Reflect”, “Pet Pristine”.

  1. Hints that it’s about grooming

While it’s not absolutely necessary, keywords related to dog grooming can attract the right audience, especially those searching on the internet “dog grooming near me” or “pet salon” will be more likely to stumble upon your business.

Something like “Shiny Coats Studio”, “The Clip & Clean Crew”, “The Shepherd’s Secret”.

  1. Funny dog grooming business names are memorable 

Humor is a great way to make your business memorable, but it should be appropriate for your target audience and your business voice and style. This is where you can explore unused dog grooming names and create something truly unique.

Something like: “The Drool Busters”, “Fur-tastic Friday Clippers”.

  1. Remember about complementary branding

Make sure your chosen name works well with your logo, colors, and overall brand image. This creates a cohesive and recognizable identity. For example, if you are aiming for a luxurious experience or a more affordable option, reflect that in your name. If your business is in a specific area, you might want to build local recognition with names related to your location.

Examples:  “Boston Calming Clips”.

  1. Check domain name availability

If you want to run a website for a grooming salon under the same brand name, use domain name and hosting websites to make sure that your chosen dog grooming business name is not used by someone else.

Time to introduce you to the best dog grooming business names!

Classy Dog Grooming Names

If you are looking for classy vibe in a pet grooming salon name, go through the list below:

  1. Poodle Perfect
  2. The 6-Week Clip
  3. The Germ Buster Groomers 
  4. Paws & Clean
  5. The Second Sniff
  6. Podium Pups
  7. Fortis Unguis
  8. Quick Care Canine Cuts
  9. The Trophy Tails
  10. QueensCanine Charm
  11. Groomatorium
  12. Alpha Paws Grooming
  13. Fit Fido Fashion & Fur
  14. Yellow Ribbon Refresh
  15. Their Coat Care
  16. BrooklynBarkBeauties
  17. Champion Canine Coifs
  18. The Calming Clips
  19. Champions Groomers
  20. Bath & Brush Up
  21. Elegant English Setter Salon Suite
  22. Tail Wagging Tuesday Trims
  23. Secure Scrubs Grooming
  24. Bubbly Barks Bathhouse
  25. First-Aid Fidos
  26. Safe Tails & Trims Spa
  27. Labradoodle Locksmiths
  28. The Maltese Mane
  29. Fortis Pet Spa
  30. The Shepherd’s Secret
  31. The Doodle Doodlers
  32. Life of Pets
  33. Wilbur’s Wash & Wag 
  34. Silky Terrier Specialists
  35. Furculus Fluff
  36. Mantellum Salon
  37. Soothing Spaniel Salon Suite
  38. Plush Poodle
  39. Regal Retriever
  40. Peaceful Paws Palace & Primp
  41. Canis Clavus Clippers
  42. Shear Bliss Sunday Snips
  43. Dog Trim Show
  44. Lavish Labrador Lounge & Grooming
  45. Oodles & Poodles
  46. Regal Rottweiler Retreat & Spa
  47. Luxe Lab Lounge & Lather
  48. Soapy Paws Salon
  49. Foamy Fidos Studio
  50. Bubbles ‘n’ Brushes Boutique
  51. Sudsy Tails Trims
  52. 20 Dogs Grooming Business

Creative Dog Grooming Business Names

Need a more creative approach to dog groomer business name ideas? Probably these creative names will help you get inspired!

  1. Tailored Tails
  2. K-9 Kare (Canine Care)
  3. Help! We Need a Brush
  4. The Pampered Pup
  5. Ticket to Groom
  6. We’re Grooming Stars
  7. Fur-ever
  8. 99 Dog Plaything
  9. Loving Paws Grooming
  10. The Woof Woof Wash
  11. Breeze Blow Outs
  12. Golden Paws Yes Grooming
  13. StylishStatenIsland
  14. Marley Mane Managers
  15. Skilled Paws & Urgent Claws
  16. Spoiled Rotten Salon
  17. Wilbur’s Wash & Wag 
  18. Warm & Wonderful Dog Spa
  19. T.L.C. Tails (Tender Loving Care Tails)
  20. W.A.G.S. (Wags and Grooming Service
  21. Skillful Saviors Pet Grooming
  22. Woof Wellness Wagons
  23. EastElegance
  24. Hunds Spa
  25. 13th Groom Room
  26. Paw Prints
  27. Playful Paw Prints Grooming Spa
  28. Frolic and Fluff Grooming Salon
  29. Lupus Lavare Baths
  30. Terrierific Trimmers
  31. With a Little Clipper Help
  32. Longhaired Hound Haven
  33. Gleam Team
  34. Trim Team
  35. Lavender Lush Lather Lounge
  36. Paw Care with Flair
  37. Trim Trim
  38. Fur & Trim
  39. Yard Yappy Clean Up 
  40. Dog Comfort and Cuteness
  41. Where Tails Wag
  42. Fluffy Tales
  43. Lightness & Grooming Studio
  44. Gentle Groomers’ Getaway
  45. The Canine Comfort
  46. Snuggle & Snip Salon
  47. Grooming Hug Away
  48. Tail Trends
  49. Dog Grooming Experts
  50. The Bark Brigade
  51. Cuddle & Clip Cove
  52. Purr-fect Shine
  53. Trendy Dog
  54. Pawesome Pup Pamperers

Cute Dog Grooming Business Names

Some best dog grooming business names are simple and cute, like these ones below.

  1. The Pampered Pooch Palace
  2. The Loving Lather
  3. BiBark
  4. The Yorkie Yappy Yard Care
  5. The Zen Canine Retreat
  6. Furry Fluffball Fantasia
  7. Clip ‘n Cuddle Cozy Corner
  8. Canis Mitis (Gentle Dog)
  9. Shampooch Salon Suite
  10. Aqua Canis
  11. Grooming a Breeze
  12. Fenway Fur Fixers
  13. Freshly Groomed Fuzzy Faces
  14. Great Dane Glamour Gurus 
  15. Poodle Pampering
  16. The Cozy Canine Retreat
  17. Chill Chasers
  18. Bark Bath
  19. Fluffy Fancies & Cuteness Crew
  20. Your Pup’s Perfect Look
  21. Pet Pristine
  22. Groomer’s Glow
  23. Pup Pamper
  24. Shine & Snip
  25. Groomed for Success
  26. Wags & Wash
  27. Cuddly Cuties Grooming
  28. Clean Canine Co.
  29. The Canine Coat Consultants
  30. Winter Woofers
  31. Kennel Cut
  32. Dog’s Lifestage
  33. Summer Suds
  34. Breed Care
  35. Yes Tails
  36. XL Dog Grooming
  37. Fido’s Fab Fur Spa
  38. Topaz Tails
  39. Furever Best
  40. Clean on the go
  41. Ten Dogs Bath + Cut
  42. Joyride Groom
  43. Darling Doggie Design
  44. Medium Large Dog
  45. Best in Pup
  46. Sharp Pup

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Funny Dog Grooming Business Names

Do you want to consider funny names for a dog grooming business? We have a few ideas.

  1. The Wagington
  2. Pawnderland
  3. Cutiepie Clipsters
  4. Yes Bubbles, No Barks Bathhouse
  5. Heat Beat Bath Bus
  6. We Will Groom You
  7. Old Dog, New Trims
  8. Happy Woofington
  9. Short Hair Dog
  10. Great Brush
  11. Prim Pup
  12. Wagmore
  13. Silver Shears
  14. Dachshund Den
  15. Pup Top
  16. Top Dog
  17. Ten Furbulous Fixers
  18. 5 Star Pups
  19. SweetQueensCanine
  20. The Yorkie Yappy Yard Care
  21. Terrier Touch-Up
  22. Barking Brilliant Boy
  23. Yes Purr, No Puff Salon
  24. Doodle Dusters
  25. The Silky Terrier Specialists
  26. Fur-tastic Friday Clippers 
  27. Your Dog’s Big Debut
  28. The Husky Who Dreamed of Hawaii
  29. The Labradoodle Lounge
  30. Shampoo & Trim
  31. The 7th Heaven Spaw
  32. Soft Brush
  33. No tangles
  34. 3 Happy Hounds
  35. Beat the Heat Bath Bus
  36. Pupsmith
  37. Wagsby
  38. Coco’s Cutesy
  39. Brushed
  40. The Muddy Mates Makeover
  41. Post-Park Pawesome
  42. The Poodle Puff Express
  43. 10/10 Tails
  44. Dog Depot 
  45. Radio Grooming
  46. The Clip Joint
  47. Breeze and Brush Dog Grooming
  48. Snap and Snip Pet Spa
  49. Fur Dudes & Fluffy Femmes
  50. Dog Look Amazing
  51. The Groomed & Groovin’ Gang 
  52. Odie’s Odor
  53. Bolt’s Buff & Shine
  54. Clifford’s Clean Crew
  55. King & Queen Klips
  56. Royal Ruff
  57. The Happy Howl-idays
  58. Pawsome Palace
  59. Top Dog Throne
  60. Pom-Pom Posse
  61. The Poodle Parade
  62. Groom Hit Parade
  63. Pet Debut
  64. From Scruffy to Stuffy 
  65. The Podium Pup
  66. The Top Dog Transformation 
  67. The Pampered Pooch Parade
  68. Sweetheart Snips 
  69. 12 Months Pet Go

Mobile Dog Grooming Business Names

For mobile groomers, why not add a sense of mobility to the dog grooming business name?

  1. Pups on the Go Grooming
  2. Roaming Ruffs
  3. The Tailored Trot
  4. Woof Wagon Wellness
  5. Flexi-Groom
  6. Shed Express
  7. Lily & Her Dog
  8. Salon on the Wheels
  9. Dip & Dry
  10. How Much Fuzz 
  11. Dog Brush Medium
  12. Lola’s Lovable Dogs
  13. Between Washes
  14. Pampered Pups at Your Place 
  15. The Independent Groom
  16. So Easy Cuts & Cuddles Dog Spa
  17. Safe & Sound Mobile Groomers
  18. The Boss Groomer
  19. Winter Wonderland Wash Wagons
  20. Pup Pamperer
  21. Pest Patrol
  22. Walk-in Groomers
  23. Mobile Mutt Medics
  24. Full Freedom Fur
  25. No Fuss Groomers
  26. Pup on the Go
  27. Wagging Wheels
  28. Mobile Mutt Makeovers
  29. Pawsitive Pampering on Wheels
  30. Top Dog To-Your-Door
  31. Furry Friend & Groomers
  32. The Pawsome Number One
  33. Self-Made Groom
  34. The Schedule Shredder
  35. Fresh Fur & Flea Free Mobile Spa
  36. Pet Code Mobile

Conclusion: Sources for Ideas for Dog Grooming Names

Our dog grooming business name ideas are inspired by a variety of sources, including popular business names, catchy phrases, numbers, storytelling elements, dog breeds, literary references, and even made-up words for uniqueness. Feel free to use and extend with your own words, delete and add letters to fully shape your best dog groomer business names!

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