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The Perfect Clinic Names: How to Name a Clinic Properly

How to Name a Clinic

Looking for a business name that would work for your clinic? 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the do’s and don’ts of naming a clinic, share expert tips and best practices, and provide examples of successful clinic names.

Plus, we’ll introduce you to helpful tools and services that can inspire you and help you choose the perfect name of clinic name for your business.

How to check if a clinic name has not been taken yet?

Imagine you’ve come up with a few ideas of clinic names that truly worked for you, but are they really free?

There are legal considerations you should always remember to take into account:

  1. Check if the name is not a registered trademark.
  2. Verify if the name is not a registered domain name.
  3. Look for any existing social media handles with the same name.
  4. Consult with a lawyer to be on the safe side.

Best practices for naming a clinic

So what are some time-proven practices for choosing a proper clinic name? 

1. Use a doctor’s name for a unique title

Finding a unique and memorable name for your clinic can be a challenging task in today’s crowded healthcare market.

However, incorporating proper names, such as the name of the founder or lead doctor, can provide the perfect balance between creativity and distinction. Using a personal name in your clinic name not only adds a personal touch but also helps to establish trust and credibility with your patients.


  • Patel Dental Care
  • Rodriguez Women’s Health
  • Davis Eye Care Center
  • Chen Orthopedic Group

2. Specify your niche instead of using a general name

Incorporating your treatment niche into your name of clinic is a great way to create a memorable brand and also provides potential patients with a clear understanding of the services you offer.

By combining your niche with other relevant words, you can create a distinctive and descriptive name that stands out from the crowd.


  • Pain-Free Orthopedics
  • Healthy Hearts Cardiology
  • Relax and Rejuvenate Massage Therapy

3. Use your location in the clinic name

Capitalize on your business location if you want people to remember and find you easier.

And it’s not just about convenience for customers – it also benefits internet search technologies, helping them to identify and showcase your business in a more prominent and diverse manner in search results.


  • Downtown Dental Clinic
  • Uptown Women’s Health
  • North West London Pediatrics

4. Make up a memorable short name

If you’re struggling to come up with a standard name, or you simply want to stand out, consider creating a completely new word or phrase.

This can be an excellent way to make a lasting impression on potential patients and set your clinic apart from the rest.

Everyone will agree that short and memorable names are often the most memorable and easily remembered. 


  • Bodywise
  • Brightcare
  • Easehub
  • Joy Joint
  • Care Cure

5. Try to use emotional words in a clinic name

Health and treatment can be tangible topics, but patients often make choices based on their feelings.

For example, consider using words like “careful,” “trustworthy,” or “compassionate” in your name. These words evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and security, and can help patients feel more confident in their choice of clinic.


  • Caring Health Services of Colorado
  • Empathetic Treatment Center
  • Soothing Touch Clinic

6. Ask for feedback

Choosing a name for your clinic is an important decision, and why not get the input of those who matter most – your clients.

By reaching out to your clients and asking for their feedback on potential names, you can tap into the power of crowd wisdom and make a more meaningful choice.

7. Avoid confusing names, difficult abbreviations, and clichés

When naming your clinic, it’s crucial to steer clear of names that are overly complex, confusing, or difficult to remember.

These types of names can lead to frustration and confusion among your clients, making it difficult for them to find and recommend your clinic to others.

8. Make sure your clinic name won’t be confused with others

While it may seem tempting to choose a name for your clinic that sounds similar to a popular one, this approach can be risky and potentially damaging to your clinic’s reputation.

Instead, strive for originality and uniqueness in your clinic name. This will not only set you apart from the competition, but it will also help you establish your own brand identity and build a strong reputation over time.

More examples of clinic names for inspiration

Here are some examples of registered clinics that use the best practices for naming a clinic. 

Clinic names including “family practice”

  • Eastside Family Practice
  • Family Practice Associates
  • Central London Family Health Clinic
  • East End Family Practice
  • Rotterdam Family Health Clinic
  • Utrecht Family Practice Center

Clinic names including the names of saints

  • St. John’s Health Clinic
  • St. Mary’s Family Practice
  • St. David’s Medical Centre
  • St. Andrew’s Clinic
  • St. Peter’s Family Health Centre

Short and catchy clinic names

  • TexCare
  • Lone Star Health
  • Health Hub TX
  • Vitality Clinic
  • Bright Health Texas

Latin word-based clinic names

  • Fidelis Care Centre
  • Integra Medical Centre
  • Proactive Health Solutions
  • Salus Health Partners
  • Integra Medical Services
  • Lumina Health Care

Some other examples quite often include words such as therapy, wellness, clinic, hospital, and others, but it might be easy to get creative with these popular names.

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Automatic and human-curated tools to help you choose a clinic name

When you need help or inspiration, don’t ignore tools that can prompt you with relative keywords, ideas, or full clinic names. Here are a few helpful solutions.



Crowdspring is a great service that helps businesses find a business name, and domain name, create a logo and do many other things with the help of crowd wisdom.

The process is as follows: you submit a request specifying your requirements and business niche, and individual creatives provide their suggestions according to your request. Then you pick the best one and award the person who provided the name you like most.

Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel

If you are not just looking for a name but for a domain name for your site as well, the Domain Wheel service can help you generate a name and register a new domain without leaving the website.

AI for walk-in clinics

AI for walk-in clinics

The battle over AI has just begun but there are already tons of AI-powered tools that help businesses fast-track certain tasks, name generators are among them.

The AI provided by the Truic Generator is a low-investment tool that can help you generate clinic names or at least get a few ideas you can customize further.

To conclude

By following these simple steps and using our actionable tips for naming a clinic, you can be confident that your chosen clinic name is available, unique, and legally compliant, setting you up for success in the long run.

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