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Spa & Wellness Scheduling Software to Enable WordPress Appointment Bookings

Get multiple industry-specific tools for wellness and spa business on your running WordPress website. A click-and-book widget for instant appointment reservations for wellness programs. Everything you need to automatically register clients in your salon, control payments, add wellness services, and more.
For salons, spa programs, sports institutions, wellness studios, and other service providers.
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BookingPress spa scheduling software is made to help your business boost

Why and how BookingPress will dramatically improve your website and spa business? Here are just a few reasons.
Create Trustable Brand

Create Trustable Brand

Prove the trustworthiness of your wellness and spa brand by providing customers with an easy and secure way to make a reservation on your website
Forget About No-shows

Forget About No-shows

Offer your clients to book wellness and spa services in advance, allow them to make a payment, and drastically reduce no-shows.
Automate Client Communication

Automate Client Communication

Fewer expenses on manpower, communication, and all types of interactions thanks to automated emails and messages.
Analyze Your Business

Analyze Your Business

In addition to the client management tools and the booking software, you also get real-time visualized graphs based on the number of your bookings & clients.
Manage Customers Easily

Manage Customers Easily

The BookingPress plugin provides numerous tools to track and manage your customers, no matter how many of them have made a booking and were automatically registered on your site.
Drive More Engagement

Drive More Engagement

Offer discount coupons, virtual meetings, and tons of other things you can use to drive even more engagement with your current clients and win over more new ones.

Personalized Spa & Wellness Booking Experience

45+ Premium add-ons & 20+ Payment gateways are completely free!!!
BookingPress for Spa and wellness
BookingPress spa scheduling software

What do you get with the BookingPress booking software for spa and wellness services?

Spa & Wellness Booking Management Software

The one-stop appointment scheduling software to not just integrate the appointment scheduling for spa programs, but also take full control of the payment processing, client, and reservation management.

Enable online service bookings

A fully-featured mobile-friendly appointment scheduler ships with the BookingPress plugin. Add the former easily as a block or widget to multiple areas of your WordPress website.

Control all upcoming appointments

Thanks to the dedicated dashboard and admin calendar, you’ll get the crucial instruments to get about appointments and manage them in clicks. Sort, view, edit and more.

Understand your performance in numbers

Let the intelligent algorithms tell you how your business is performing by building graphs based on how many bookings you generated, how many people made a reservation, etc.
BookingPress appointment scheduling software

Best Booking Plugin at best Price

Use BookingPress and its add-ons to grow your business

Standard Plan

Normally $99.00

$79 / year

Professional Plan

Normally $199.00

$129 / year

Enterprise Plan

Normally $999.00

$249 / year

Pricing & Online Payments

The power and features as in popular cloud booking engine software providers.

Use PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and more for booking payments

Built-in support for PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout,, Mollie, Skrill, and other payment methods, which are super easy to turn on in the plugin settings and offer at checkout to your customers.

Increase the service cost with taxes

It might be important in your region to add any types of taxes to services. With BookingPress, nothing has been easier. You can create wellness and spa services and apply the needed taxes to them that will be added to the final cost.

Enable deposits and coupon codes

Both are great ways to urge clients to make a booking without hesitation. It’s easier and safer to pay a deposit instead of the full cost as discounts are always attractive to customers who are looking to save up some money.

Send PDF invoices

The BookingPress plugin provides a built-in system for sending invoices so that you can take full advantage of automated billing. Keep all the records up to date.

Schedule Availability of Your Spa Therapists

We provide various levels of settings for customers and your staff members too.
Run spa and wellness business on your own or with a team

Run spa and wellness business on your own or with a team

You can work solo or as a salon, the BookingPress WordPress booking plugin has the needed set of tools to help you work with any number of people, any services, and any business industry.
Full control over spa therapist schedules

Full control over spa therapist schedules

For your clients to always get up-to-date availability at your wellness and spa salon, you will create a detailed schedule for entire working periods, with vacations and days off in mind, that will work automatically.
Provide health center staff with separate accounts

Provide health center staff with separate accounts

Enable every service provider in your establishment to create individual staff accounts and care about their bookings and clients with individual access to your WordPress website.
Spa & Wellness Booking Management Software

Your Branding & Easy Customization

Add a touch of your branding and website design to the BookingPress booking software.

Make the booking software your own

You can alter the look of the booking software by adding the needed edits, changing the layout, color scheme, improving checkout experiences with more custom fields, and more.

Easily integrate the booking software into your WordPress theme

BookingPress allows you to use the appointment scheduling software for spa and wellness on any page of your WordPress website, and software areas too.

Support for various languages

You can translate the plugin with any available WordPress translation plugin, as well as use an RTL system.

Powerful Integrations

External integrations with no limits and no extra costs!

Calendar Integration & synchronization

Integrate popular calendar applications, such as Google calendar and Outlook calendar, to establish connection with client calendars via your WordPress wellness and spa website.

SMS, WhatsApp, and other notifications

Automated emails are a focal point of your communication with clients. Make it a smooth process by using pre-integrated options for email, SMS, and WhatsApp notifications.

Zapier, Mailchimp, and more

To get benefits from the tools you are accustomed to, we provide an easy way to set a smooth connection with your favorite tools via dedicated modules.


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