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What is Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Freelancers?

Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Freelancers

If you’ve been working as a freelancer, you understand the importance of flexibility and productivity in maintaining a self-organized and professional approach. Modern freelance tools and software can significantly help you reach your goals and basically streamline your working day. So what are really helpful best appointment scheduling software for freelancers? Let’s discuss!

What freelance jobs can benefit from the appointment scheduling systems? 

There are many freelance jobs based on real-time meetings or consultations, which require smooth and professional time management and appointment scheduling.

  • Online tutors and teachers often schedule lessons and consultations online.
  • Graphic designers and web developers prefer online communication and project management discussion at specified times to keep themselves productive.
  • Makeup and nail technicians might want to remove a burden of manual scheduling from their routine.
  • Consultants (business, tech, marketing, etc.) find it crucial to provide online consultations to customers seeking a convenient meeting format.
  • Freelance therapists, coaches, and counselors accept appointments since online therapy has become increasingly popular.

In addition to the types of jobs mentioned, freelance appointment setting with commission-based pay remains an on-demand opportunity on many freelance platforms.

Why integrate appointment software in your freelance work?

Integrating online appointment software help freelancers who wants to:

  • Improve accessibility and serve more clients.
  • Increase time efficiency and manage your schedule the way you’ve always dreamed about.
  • Create a professional and modern image of your freelance brand.
  • Provide a convenient and flexible experience for clients.
  • Reduce administrative burden and improve communication with your clients.

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Top 7 Appointment Scheduling Software Tools for Freelancers

Here are several cost-effective software options for managing meetings and appointments that can enhance your productivity and growth while maintaining the quality of your services.

BookingPress: The best solution for your own website


There are websites for freelance jobs, such as Fiverr or Upwork, but many freelancers who are looking for stability and expertise online, start creating and running their own websites. 

BookingPress is one of the most flexible and powerful appointment scheduling software for freelancers and businesses who have their own online presence and seek full independence.

With this WordPress software for appointment bookings, you can discover a template for freelance invoice and make it automated – when a client booked an appointment with you, all the billing is done automatically. You can even set up recurring appointments to serve regular clients too. Multiple payment options and marketing opportunities are supported.

What’s also very crucial for freelancers, the plugin is highly affordable even for a starter business, only $79 per year.

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Acuity Scheduling for freelance for photographers and creatives

Acuity Scheduling for freelance

Customizable booking pages you can place on your website, workflows optimized (consultations, shoots, you name it!), and integrations that play nice with all your favorite tools – this all is provided by one of the most popular software by Acuity Scheduling. Plus, control it all from your phone with an intuitive mobile app.

Smooth design, powerful tools, webinars, and tiered pricing tags make it an attractive option for solo or team-based freelancers.

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Consider also multiple quality Acuity Scheduling alternatives

Zoom to schedule meetings without a website

Zoom to schedule meetings

If you don’t have a website and want to schedule video meetings online, the popular Zoom software can help you do that without any hassle. It doesn’t just allow you to host meetings, it also has tools to schedule meetings and send automatic links to client email addresses. 

There are some fees that may apply based on the length of the meeting and the number of participants. Of course, it can’t replace the dedicated appointment scheduling software for freelancers, because it involves a lot of manual control; still, however, it can help you save some time.

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Appointment scheduling with Google Calendar

Google Calendar

If you need a similar solution to Zoom but with the ability to accept payments online, try Google Calendar appointment scheduling tools.

As a freelancer, you might find it attractive to have a powerful appointment scheduler in your pocket, which works with calendars of your clients. Beyond that, it makes it easy to accept payments via Stripe securely, without extra services, right in your Google calendar.

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Timify: Appointment scheduling software for medical office

Timify Appointment scheduling software

If you have your personal medical office as a solo practitioner or freelancer, you might have a very special software with dedicated tools. Timify is one of those one-stop solutions, built for solo medical practitioners like you.

Gather all patient information needed right at booking through customizable forms, keep your calendar aligned with real-time scheduling updates, and even control your medical equipment if you have any.

Thanks to the integrated tools for telehealth, you can offer video consultations seamlessly, reaching patients in any corner of the world.

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Pabau: Top software for therapists, counselors, and coaches


If your freelancing work is based on the counseling practice, Pabau is one of the chosen options primarily because it offers really low costs if you are working alone.

With its user-friendly dashboard, you can quickly schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments, customized to your specific treatment types and availability.

The software’s emphasis on CRM facilitates effective patient management, allowing clients to amend appointments and complete mandatory medical forms before their scheduled sessions.

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Timetable: Free WordPress plugin to display your schedule publicly


If your freelance job deals with events, there is a free solution to simply showcasing your schedule for a week, month, or more ahead, so that new clients know when you are busy.

With this solution, you can also feature a timetable of your consultations or lessons for groups to let clients and prospects know when they can enroll.

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There are different ways to deal with appointments, consultations, and timetabling your events and meetings. As you see, it’s not just about paid appointment software; you can use free services and platforms, schedule meetings with or without a website, as well as integrate free and or paid tools with your website if you have any. So, if your freelance work involves appointments and events, why not optimize your work with software starting today!

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