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How to Use AWeber on WordPress to Increase Appointments

Aweber for Increase Appointments

We can’t give you a clear idea of how AWeber can change your service business routines for the better – because there are numerous goals this tool can help you achieve!

Email marketing itself is a very needed thing for any business that deals with appointments daily.

It makes it a smaller hassle for service businesses to nurture leads, stay connected with clients, and provide valuable content to build trust and loyalty. Moreover, it’s a great tool to achieve numerous other goals:

  • Announce new offerings.
  • Educate potential clients about the value you provide.
  • Offer exclusive discounts and early access to appointments.
  • Send reminders to encourage clients to book.
  • Use surveys and polls to build your strategy.

What makes AWeber special among other Email Marketing Tools?

AWeber Email Marketing Tools

New to AWeber? We won’t get into details because there are endless beautiful features. For example, it delivers easy-to-use email creation, a landing page builder, and automation features to manage your service business campaigns without too much headache.

But if you want to understand AWeber benefits specifically for service businesses, here are they:

  • Multiple businesses and researchers report that it tracks clicks in emails better. Analyze open rates, click-throughs, and other metrics to measure your campaigns.
  • Send brand follow-ups on specific conditions for chosen clients. 
  • Create your automated emails with pre-designed layouts for various purposes, saving you time and effort.
  • Group clients based on specific criteria to send relevant and personalized messages; for example, a fitness coach may categorize clients based on their fitness goals, such as weight loss or muscle gain, to send customized workout plans and motivational tips.
  • Connect AWeber with your WordPress website, booking system, and social media.
  • You can get phone support.
  • AWeber has a dedicated API that helps you integrate with other services smoothly if you have a large-scale enterprise.
  • Competitive pricing for all brand sizes.

And that’s not even the best part! With a WordPress site, you can integrate AWeber using plugins to:

  1. Add signup forms directly to your website and booking forms.
  2. Automatically add new website visitors to your email list.
  3. Track form submissions and website traffic for better insights.

How to use AWeber with BookingPress

AWeber and BookingPress is a powerful duo, which is realized through the user-friendly integration extension.

BookingPress Addons

It allows appointment scheduling forms on your WordPress website created with BookingPress to smoothly “communicate” with the email marketing software from AWeber.

What is required?

The BookingPress AWeber addon facilitates the process of integration. Upon connection, client information is automatically exported to your AWeber mailing list following appointment bookings on your BookingPress website.


  1. Go to BookingPress > Addons and find the AWeber addon. Activate it.
  2. Navigate to BookingPress > Settings > Opt-ins.
  3. Locate the AWeber section and click “Get Authorization Code”.
  4. In the pop-up window, enter your AWeber login details to generate the code.
  5. Copy the provided code and paste it into the “Authorization Code” field in BookingPress.
  6. Click “Authorize”. BookingPress will verify your account and retrieve your list IDs.
  7. Select the list(s) where you want to add new booking clients.
  8. Optionally, click “Map more fields with AWeber” to match specific BookingPress data with AWeber fields (e.g., name, email, service booked).
  9. Save your changes.

New bookings will automatically trigger adding clients to your chosen AWeber list(s), along with any mapped data fields.

Also note:

  • This AWeber integration requires an active AWeber account with a paid plan.
  • Ensure you have enabled opt-in options within your BookingPress settings for clients to consent to joining your email list.

How to leverage AWeber for the service business & increase bookings

How can you actually get more appointments using AWeber? We have a few ideas!

Let’s list some of the great features available in AWeber and give you a few tips on how you can employ their potential.

Sequences / Campaigns / Autoresponders

Aweber for WordPress

Service businesses like clinics, beauty salons, or coaches can use sequences/autoresponders to set up automated email series to capture leads. For example, a beauty salon can create a sequence to follow up with clients after appointments, providing tips for skincare or haircare between visits so that repeat appointments are guaranteed!


AWeber for service business

Broadcasts allow service businesses to send one-time emails to their entire client list or specific segments. That means a clinic might send out a broadcast email announcing a new service offering or a limited-time promotion on certain treatments to encourage appointment bookings.

RSS to email automation

RSS to email automation

This allows you to automatically send updates or blog posts as email newsletters to clients or subscribers. A wellness studio can automate the delivery of blog post updates related to health and wellness tips.

Custom fields

Custom Fields

With this tool from AWeber, you can personalize your email content based on specific client attributes. It might seem logical for a fitness instructor to use custom fields to segment clients based on their fitness goals or preferences, for better-targeted appointment recommendations.

Built-in landing page builder with templates

built-in landing pages

A landing page builder is a cool thing to create landing pages promoting special events, workshops, or exclusive offers for whatever services. For example, a tutor or language school might create a landing page offering a free consultation session to attract potential clients.

AWeber Link Triggers

Link triggers can automate actions based on subscriber interactions with email content. Simply add link triggers to send follow-up emails with exclusive offers or appointment reminders to clients who click on specific links in their emails, indicating interest in particular services.

Survey integrations

Survey Integrations

Survey integrations make it easier to gather feedback from clients about their experiences or preferences. As an example, a dermatology clinic can send out surveys to patients after their appointments to gather feedback on the effectiveness of treatments, waiting times, and overall satisfaction levels.

Webinar integrations

Webinar Integrations

It’s awesome that you can host online events or workshops to educate and engage clients using just one email marketing software through interaction with several platforms, including Zoom. For example, a personal development or career coach can host webinars on topics like goal-setting or stress management. This will no doubt drive interest and potentially lead to appointment bookings for more personalized coaching sessions.

Zapier integration

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a king of automated workflow. For instance, a beauty salon can set up Zaps to automatically add new client contacts from appointment booking platforms to their AWeber email list for relevant updates and promotions.

Key takeaways about using AWeber for increasing bookings

By using various default features available by AWeber, you can significantly boost appointments, for example, in the following ways:

  • Increase repeat appointments with the Sequences / Campaigns / Autoresponders feature.
  • Use the Broadcast feature to encourage appointment bookings within a specific segment of people.
  • The RSS to email automation feature is a great way to educate and engage clients through automated blog post sending to boost interest and credibility in your service business.
  • Boost marketing opportunities with the Built-in landing page builder with templates.
  • Indicating interest in particular services with the Link triggers feature.
  • Run surveys to enhance service quality, address patient/client concerns, and foster overall loyalty.
  • Hot webinars and increase interest in your other services through the personal touch with clients.

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