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Manage Services with BookingPress

In this article, we will quickly run through how to manage services through the back-end.

List Services

On this page, you will be able to see all the necessary information about services. With the search bar, you can filter services by service’s name and you can also filter services by selecting a category from the Categories dropdown.manage service bookingpress

Add Service

To create a new service from the back-end, click on the “Add New” button from the top right corner of the page and it will open a modal with all the necessary details for the service like Service Photo, Service Name, Category, Duration, Price, Description etc.

After filling in details, hit the “Save” button. You will be able to see newly added services in the list.

Duration – You need to select the service duration. You will see the time slots in the duration options which are defined in the “Default Time Slot Step” from “General Settings”.

Price – If you want to offer free services, then simply add price 0 and payment methods will not be displayed on the front-end booking form. add service boookingpress

Edit Service

To edit an existing service, just hover over any service’s row and it will display an action bar that has an “Edit” icon. Click on that icon and it will open a modal with all details of that service.

In the “Edit Service” dialog you have options to change the service’s Photo, Service Name, Category, Duration, Price, Description etc.

Duration – Please take note that if you will change the “Default Time Slot Step” and if an appointment is already booked for that service, it will not affect existing appointments but it will create some issues in the booking process for new appointment bookings, as your time newly set time slot will not match durations.

Updated services information will not affect the existing appointments booked for the services. edit service bookingpress

Delete Service

To delete a specific service, hover over that service and it will open an action bar that has a “Delete” icon. Click on that icon and it will ask for the confirmation to delete. Click on the “Delete” button from the confirmation box and it will delete that service right away.

Please note that, if you try to delete the service which has appointments associated with it, it will give you an error while deleting and you will not be able to delete such service.

You can delete multiple services by checking the services you want to delete. The dialog box with the options will display at the footer when you check at least one service which you want to delete. Once you are sure you want to delete the services, hit the “Go” button and it will delete the selected services.delete specific service

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